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Attestation Translation and Apostille Service In Chandigarh

What Is Attestation?

Apostille Service in chandigarh is an essential step when it comes to presenting a document to a foreign country. The documents are the proof that a person is born in this particular country and has done all the credentials. The document can be a birth certificate, marriage certificate, single status certificate, police clearance certificate, or any other personal, educational, or commercial document.

There are several authorities that are involved in the attestation process. These are notary, State/SDM, Ministry of External Affairs, and Embassy. The documents once attested can be used in any other country. Attested documents are regarded as legal and valid in other countries.

Why Does A Person Need An Apostille For Haryana Documents?

A person needs an apostille at various times. Let’s have a look:

  • An educational certificate namely, Diploma, School Marksheet, and Degree certificate is needed with an Apostille stamp to get enrolled for higher studies overseas.
  • A police Clearance Certificate is needed to prove that the applicant does not have any criminal background.
  • Single Status certificate apostille is needed to get the marriage registered in a foreign country.
  • A medical certificate that has an apostille stamp is needed for fitness proof.
  • For several commercial documents namely Registration, Board of Resolution, Incorporation, memorandum, and Power of attorney. Apostille is necessary for all these documents to show them overseas.

4 Simple steps to get MEA Apostille on your Documents 

  1. Register on Apostille Portal 
  2. Collect all  Documents you want to Apostille 
  3. Submit the Original / Photocopies of documents
  4. Receive Documents with Apostille Directly to your home

What Is The Apostille Service in Chandigarh?

An attestation stamp is placed on the document by the Ministry of External Affairs. This is a way that is used to legalize a simple document. It tells the other country that the document is checked with care so that there are no errors left in the document. The attestation stamp adds authenticity to the document. The document is now ready to be used abroad as it is now a foreign public document.

A Procedure That Is Followed To Get An Apostille For Haryana Documents

There are generally three categories of documents namely personal documents, educational documents, and commercial documents. All the documents are finally attested by the Ministry of External Affairs. This is one of the most crucial steps of the attestation process. So, let’s see the detailed procedure that needs to be followed to get an apostille for Haryana documents.

Procedure to get Apostille services in Chandigarh
  • Notary Attestation: This is the first and foremost step to beginning the attestation process. In this step, the documents are carefully analyzed by the notary. Further, after verification, the notary attests the certificates.
  • SDM/State Attestation: There are two options available at this stage. A person can go with state attestation if the country where the documents are to be presented, choose state attestation only. The time that is usually taken for state attestation is three to four weeks. At this time the documents are examined cautiously. Then after confirmation that the details are accurate, the documents are stamped by the State.

Further, at SDM the documents are attested in quite less time than compared with the State attestation. At the state level, it takes more time due to work overload. However, at SDM a similar process is done and completed in just three to five days.

  • Ministry of External Affairs: Being the last step of attestation for the Hague Nations. The documents are carefully checked by the Ministry of External Affairs. The apostille service provider has to submit all the major and supporting documents for verification. All the details that are printed on the certificate are verified. Then only an apostille stamp and sticker is placed on the document by the MEA. When the documents are signed by the Ministry of External Affairs then the country feels surety that the certificate contains accurate information.
  • Embassy Attestation: This is an essential step for the countries that are not a part of the Hague Convention or for the countries that ask mandatory for Embassy attestation. At this stage, the documents and embassy fees are submitted. The embassy scrutinized the certificate properly. The documents are signed by the Embassy when they feel that the certificate is real and genuine. At this stage, the attestation procedure is finished.

In How Much Time Can Attestation For Haryana Documents Can Be Done?

The time that is taken to finish the attestation of Haryana documents is just seven to 10 days. There are some times when due to the rush of the application the time period may increase. Moreover, if any uncertainty happens then also, the time might extend than the standard time.

Why Does A Person Need Translation?

The translation is essential for an official document that is not in the standard language as per the authorities. It is very important that the legal paper is translated by a professional translator. This helps in presenting the document to the authorities. So, it is necessary that a person gets help from a certified translation service to avoid any kind of errors.

Is The Translation In Chandigarh Documents Needed?

The translation depends on the certificate and the official language. So, if the documents are not in the official language then it is important that the documents are translated. To get the translation done a certified professional is required. It is better to ask a service provider and get the translation done in a proper way.

Documents That A Person Requires to get apostille service in Chandigarh

There are some documents that are needed to submit to get the attestation. These are as follows:

  • The original document needs to get an apostille stamp. This can be a Birth/Degree/PCC/Single status/Marriage certificate.
  • Front- and Last-page photocopy of Passport.
  • Photocopy of Aadhar Card.
  • Photocopy of License.

For How Much Time Is The Attestation Of Documents Valid?

The attestation of Haryana documents is valid for a period of six months. There are certain countries that accept documents that are more than 6 months old. In addition to this, some countries also accept documents that are a year old. So, it is better to register here to know the exact validity of the document. An apostille service provider can tell better about the validity after analyzing the document and country.

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