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Apostille Documents for Netherlands

What is an apostille? ​

An apostille is a way that is done to legalize a document. If a person wants to move to another country or wants to go for a business purpose, in any case, there are many documents needed. So, it becomes hard for a foreign country to know which document is correct and which is not. In that case, an apostille stamp helps in understanding the genuine document and also eases the complete visa process. There are three steps that are needed to be done for an apostille attestation for Netherland. These are explained later in the article. So read carefully, for a better understanding of the complete apostille procedure.

4 Simple steps to get MEA Apostille on your Documents 

  1. Register on Apostille Portal 
  2. Collect all  Documents you want to Apostille 
  3. Submit the Original / Photocopies of documents
  4. Receive Documents with Apostille Directly to your home

What are the reasons that make it essential for any person to get the apostille attestation for Netherland?​

The reasons that make it important for each person to have an apostille attestation for Netherland are explained below:

Compulsory for Hague Nations: For countries that are members of the Hague Convention, obtaining an apostille Attestation is essential. This applies to India as well, where the Ministry of External Affairs places a stamp and seal on the documents.

The authenticity of the document: The apostille stamp significantly speeds up the entire process. Once a document has been apostilled, foreign countries can trust its authenticity. An individual can use the apostille certificate in multiple countries, and its validity extends for 6 months.

Legalization: The legalization of documents is achieved through the signing and stamping by the Ministry of External Affairs, making them recognized and valid in other countries. When documents are attested or apostilled by legal authorities, they are considered genuine and reliable. The legalization process provides individuals with assurance and eliminates uncertainty.

Assist the foreign country to know about the accuracy of the provided information: The apostille attestation for Netherland assures the country that the provided details are accurate, eliminating the need for further verification. Prior to apostilling, document verification involved time-consuming methods such as phone calls, messages, and emails.

What are the documents that are required to get the apostille attestation for Netherland?​

The documents that are essential to  have to get the apostille attestation for Netherland are mentioned below:

Briefly explain the steps that are followed to get the attestation of documents in the Netherlands.​

 The steps that are followed for the apostille attestation for Netherland to get attestation of documents in the Netherlands involve four authorities. The countries that are a member of the Hague Nations has to perform only the first three steps. Let’s see the complete process in detail:

  • Notary Attestation: Getting the attestation done from a notary is the start of the attestation procedure. All the necessary details are provided to the notary. When the notary has verified all the given information then a stamp and signature are placed on the document by them. 
  • State/SDM Attestation: This is the second step of the apostille procedure. Here a person has two options for the attestation of documents. These are state attestation and Sub Divisional magistrate attestation. A similar process is followed by each of the authorities. All the submitted documents will be cautiously examined by the authorities. When all the details are found correct and the document is genuine, then the authority will place a signature on the document
  • Ministry of External Affairs: The last step performed for apostille attestation for Netherland for all the countries that are a member of the Hague Nations, makes it an important step. All supporting and major documents are submitted to the Ministry of External Affairs for verification. When the MEA feels that the information is true and reliable then, an apostille stamp is placed on the document by the authority. 
  • Embassy Attestation: This step is performed by the nations that are not a part of the Hague Convention. Moreover, if any country has specified embassy attestation then, also it is important to get it. For this, the documents are shown to the embassy for a stamp. In addition to this, a particular fee is also deposited along with the document. Then the embassy will analyze all the provided details. When the Embassy founds that the information is accurate, then stamping of documents will be done. 


Is it possible to get a document apostille in 7 days?

Yes, a person can get an apostille document in approximately five to seven days if you hire a professional apostille service provider. To avoid any delays it is essential to take apostille attestation for Netherland is efficient and knowledgable. So, make sure to select a trustworthy apostille service provider who has complete knowledge of the entire apostille procedure to get a timely apostille on documents.

What is the validity of a document that has an apostille stamp on it?​

The validity of a document that has an apostille stamp is generally 6 months. But there are some circumstances when the other country accepts a document that has exceeded 6 months. So, register for Apostille to know more about the validity of the document. Before  analyzing the actual validity, the document will be carefully examined and then the country will be checked.  

What are the charges that a person has to pay for all the documents that are to be attested?

The fees for obtaining an apostille attestation for Netherland are determined by several factors, including:

The number of documents: The fee may vary based on the total number of documents that need to be apostilled.

Type of documents: Different types of documents may have varying fees associated with their apostillation. For example, the fees for apostilling a birth certificate may differ from those for a degree certificate.

Destination country: The country for which the documents are to be attested or apostilled also influences the fees. Different countries may have different fee structures or requirements.

So, contact a trustworthy apostille service provider for complete information about charges, validity, and time frame.

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