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Get Apostille for South Korea in India

South Korea is a member of the Hague Nation and Apostille is enough to prove that the Document is Genuine

Apostille for South Korea is a process in which a document is legalized so that it can be used in a foreign country. The document can be a marriage certificate, birth certificate, degree certificate, or any other certificate. When a document gets arrested then the foreign country where the document is to receive comes to know that all the details that are written on the document are genuine and true. A signature and stamp are added to the document by the higher authorities making the document authentic and genuine for others. In India, the Ministry of External Affairs signs the document that acts as legal proof abroad. 

Is it essential for a person to get the apostille of the documents for South Korea done?

A person should get the apostille of the documents for South Korea due to the following reasons:

  • To legalize a simple certificate.
  • Essential for all the Hague Nations.
  • Can be used internationally
  • Helps in the identification of an individual.
  • Saves Time.
  • Necessary for individuals who want to get a study visa. 
  • It is important for applicants who wish to apply for a dependent visa, work visa, or permanent resident visa.

4 Simple steps to get MEA Apostille on your Documents 

  1. Register on Apostille Portal 
  2. Collect all  Documents you want to Apostille 
  3. Submit the Original / Photocopies of documents
  4. Receive Documents with Apostille Directly to your home

Explain the type of documents.

There are generally three types of documents. These are as follows:

  • Personal Document
  • Commercial Document
  • Educational Document

Which documents an individual should have with them to get the South Korean Apostille?

There are only a few documents that are needed to get the South Korea Apostille. These are listed below:

Make sure to carry all original documents and the documents should be in good condition.

Is the procedure for birth certificate apostille for South Korea and marriage certificate apostille similar? If yes, mention the steps that are to be followed.

The procedure for birth certificate apostille for South Africa and marriage certificate apostille for South Africa is similar. As South Korea has been a member of the Hague Convention since 2013 so there are three steps that an individual has to follow to get the apostille of the documents. Let’s see in detail:

  • Notary Attestation:

    This is the initial step where a notary is found. After that, all the documents are shown to the notary. Then the notary verifies all the details and later on attests the document with the signature and a stamp. 

  • State/SDM Attestation:

    Further, the documents are sent to the state or SDM for attestation. Here also, all the information that is written on the documents is checked cautiously by them. All the necessary supporting documents are demanded and information is matched. When all the details are found correct then the documents get arrested with the stamp. 

The working of both authorities is similar. However, the time taken by each of them varies. The attestation that is done by the state gets finished in approximately three to four weeks. This is quite a lengthy process due to the rush at the authorities. On the contrary, it takes only three to five days to complete the attestation at SDM. When compared with time, it is better to select SDM attestation as it gets completed early. 

  • Ministry of External Affairs:

    This is one of the crucial steps of the whole attestation process and also the last step for all the countries that are a member of the Hague Convention. While taking care of every small point the documents are cautiously analyzed by the MEA. When all the information that is provided in the certificate is found 100% authentic then only a sticker is placed at the backside of the document. These stickers help the foreign country to check the details online as it has a unique number placed on them. 

The fourth step that is given below is for all the nations that are not a part of the Hague Convention or when the country has specified to do this step. 

  • Embassy Attestation:

    Here all the documents that are to be apostilled along with the embassy fees are to be submitted. The fees change from country to country. All the certificates are checked with the supporting documents carefully. When the details are found true and genuine then the Embassy does the final attestation by placing a stamp and signature on the document. 

Can I get the Single Status Certificate apostille for South Korea myself?

Any individual before 2012, can visit the authorities to get the single status certificate apostille for South Africa themself. But as this led to an increase of people there so now only the service provider can go and get the documents apostilled. 

Is the validity for all the apostille documents the same?

The validity of apostille documents is six months in most cases and it is the same for all apostille documents. Although, there are some countries that accept apostille documents that are more than six months old. So it depends on the country. 

What expenses does an individual have to pay for the document attestation for South Korea?

There are several expenses that a person has to pay to get the document attested for South Korea. The expenses depend on the count(number) of documents that are to be attested. Moreover, the type of documents also increases or decreases the charges. In addition to this, the fees are paid by several authorities for attestation. Lastly, the fees for apostille service also add to the expenses. So, contact a service provider to know the total charges for apostille documents. 

Is it possible to get the PCC apostille for South Korea done in 10 days?

A person can get a PCC apostille for South Korea in approximately 7 to 10 days. However, in case of any uncertainty or rush by the authorities, the time may extend. It is better to consult a trustworthy and genuine apostille service to know the exact time duration for the apostille for South Korea.

An Apostille contains following details in it:

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