Apostille for Spain

Spain is a country which is a member in the Hague Convention and Apostille is enough to prove that the Document is Genuine

Spain is a beautiful country and has a strong Economy. Spain is the 13th largest economic country in the world and mainly it is known for its tourism. Therefore every year, millions of people visit the places such as Alhambra, Mezquita Cordoba, Sagrada Familia and attend the event El Encierro (the running of the bull). So, the Travel and Tourism sector has became the main source of income for Spain.

From the survey of 2018, it is found that the tourism of Spain has added around 170 billion Euros to its GDP and generated around 2.5 million jobs in the country. Spain has some of the world’s best Universities and most of the Universities are offering the courses in the English Language. Due to the constant Economy and opportunities in the Employment sector and Educational Sector, Spain attracts thousands of people around the world to move in.

If you are an Indian and you are moving to Spain on work or to open up a branch of your business or to study then the Government of Spain will ask you to produce the related Document Apostilles and their Spanish Translations (Translations of some Document Apostilles will be asked). Lets know about an Apostille.

What is an Apostille?

In India, Every original document which is issued to a person belongs to any one of the 36 states and they are valid only within India. These original Documents are not considered as Genuine in any foreign country unless they have Apostille stamp on them. The original document has to get Apostille stamp to prove that the Document is Genuine in foreign country.

So, an Apostille is the Stamp given to the Original Document by the Ministry of External affairs of a country to make it valid in the foreign country.


An Apostille is simply a certification of a Document issued by a legal or registered authority in a country to use it in the foreign country.

A document which has Apostille stamp on it, is simply known as a Document Apostille.

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Spain is a beautiful country and has a strong Economy. Spain is the 13th largest

Who has the Authority to Apostille the documents?

In every country, there is a Government arm which is called as MEA(Ministry of External  Affairs) and it has the authority to put Apostille stamp on all the documents which are work related, academic related and family related.

If you are planning to move to Spain then make sure that you have all the Required Document Apostilles. Because once you are in Spain and then if you need an Apostille with it’s Spanish translation, you need to send the document back to India through a courier service which will be very costly and you will not be able to produce the document on time to the Government.

What happens if I submit the document which is not a Document Apostille?

When we submit a document which is not Apostilled to the Government of Spain then the Government will reject it straight away. An applicant should take care that the document which is going to be submitted is a Document Apostille.

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The Process of getting a Document Apostille for Spain and its translation into Spanish Language

  1. The document which needs an Apostille stamp has to get notarized from the registered notary.
  2. Once it is Notarized, the document will be sent to the MEA either through the State Attestation or the SDM Attestation.

    If the Destination Country is a member of the Hague convention then the SDM Attestation is enough unless the Destination Country is Italy or Austria.

    If the Destination Country is a Non Hague Nation then the Document has to get the State Attestation only.

    NOTE: The State Attestation is Mandatory for the documents which belong to the States Punjab/Haryana/Goa irrespective of their Destination Country.

  3. Once Attestation is done, the Document will be sent to the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) to get an Apostille Stamp on it.

  4. After the Apostillation is done, find a registered Translator to get the Spanish Translation of the Document Apostille.

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What is HRD Attestation?

There are two types of Documents

  1. Educational Document
  2. Non Educational Document

The Attestation from the State Home Department for the Educational Document such as Degree Certificate, Transcripts, is known as HRD (Human Resource Department) Attestation.

The Attestation from the State Home Department for the Non Educational Certificates such as Single Status Certificate, Power of Attorney, is known as Home Department Attestation.

Can I send the Original Document to the MEA personally?

No, You can’t.

To send a Original Document to MEA for an Apostille, You need to find a legal Apostille Service Provider.  

Since 2012, the MEA has outsourced the process of collection and distribution of a Document apostille to private Enterprises. The Document which are sent personally to the MEA to get an Apostille will not considered.

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How to get a translation of a Document Apostille into Spanish language?

The Government of Spain will not ask you to get Spanish Translation of all the Document Apostilles. Most of the time, it asks you to produce the translation of PCC Apostille (Police Clearance Certificate).

Original PCC Certificate can be obtained in two ways. Either from Passport Office OR from the Local Police station of the State Government. But for Spain, you need to get the PCC from Passport Office only.

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Procedure To get PCC Apostille

  • Make an Appointment with the Passport Seva Kendra .
  • Visit and apply for the PCC Certificate along with a Passport Scan Copy and two stamp size photos.
  • The Passport Office will make the Police Verification on you and issues a PCC Certificate if it is found that there are no legal court cases on you.
  • After receiving the PCC from Passport Seva Kendra, send it to MEA to get PCC Apostille.
  • Once MEA Apostillation is done, get the Translation of the PCC Apostille into Spanish language with help of a Registered Translator.
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  • Travelling on work visa

        If you are travelling to the Spain on work visa then you need to get the following documents Apostilled.

  1. Degree Certificates
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. PCC Certificate
  • Travelling on dependent visa

       The following documents must be Apostilled when are moving to Spain on dependent visa.

         For childBirth Certificate is enough

         For wife/husband

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. PCC Certificate 
  3. Marriage certificate 
  • Travelling to Establish a business

       For business or entrepreneurship in the Spain, one must Apostille the following documents.

  1. GST Certificate
  2. Power Of Attorney
  3.  Aadhar Card
  4. Pan Card
  • Travelling to get married

      To marry a person who is a Spaniard then you need to get following documents Apostilled.

  1. Single Status Certificate
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. PCC Certificate
  4. Decree Absolute/Divorce Decree (If you are a Divorcee)
  5. Death certificate of spouse/husband(if your life partner is dead)

Validity of a Apostille

According to the rules of MEA, validity of any Apostille is only for six months. Once the Apostille is older than six months then you should get new Apostille from MEA.

Death Cerificate Apostille procedure, Apostille for spain

How do we help with Apostille for the Spain?

1. We check the correctness of the document and collect the passport copy and send it to MEA.


2. We specify the time of receiving the document and will deliver it on time.


3. By giving the document to us, you will avoid long queues to get MEA Apostille and get the documents delivered quickly. How quickly we deliver to you depends on the package you choose on our website.


4. We give tracking numbers to the document, so that you can track your document online at any given point of time.

Supporting documents needed to get Apostille from MEA

  1. Passport scan copy is required for name verification to get any kind of original document Apostille.
  1. To get a marriage certificate Apostille particularly, passport scan copies of both husband and wife are required.
  1. If you are a NRI then you need OCI(Overseas Citizen Of India) card along with passport scan copy to get a document Apostilled.

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An Apostille contains following details in it:

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