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Obtain Apostille for Turkey in India

Turkey joined Hague Nation in 1955 and abolished the need for document legalization from Turkey’s embassy/consulate. In other words, to enter Turkey for personal or commercial-related activity you need to obtain only an apostille for Turkey. In this blog, we will discuss the apostille meaning, its purpose, and the procedures for different types of documents.

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What Is Apostille For Turkey?

An apostille is a square-shaped certificate/stamp issued by the central government authority which is MEA India. The primary function of an apostille for Turkey is to verify the legitimacy of documents issued in India. Also, an apostille helps simplify and reduce the complex and time-consuming process of legalizing documents. The apostille contains some necessary information for cross-border recognition of your documents. For example – 

  • Name of the Country
  • Name of the person to whom the document is issued
  • Name of the person signing the certificate
  • Date and Place of Issue
  • Type of document
  • Seal/Stamp of the authority providing the apostille 
  • Signature of the authority providing the apostille 

Why You Need An Apostille For Turkey

An Apostille authenticates your document’s legitimacy and is typically required for various visa applications. Apostille for Turkey helps visa authorities verify your identity and ensure fast and hassle-free visa processing. Here’s a detailed explanation of why you need an apostille for Turkey to apply for various visas. 

Work Visa – A work visa allows you to legally work in an international country. To obtain a work permit for Turkey you need an apostille on these documents –

Student Visa – With a student visa, you can study or research in a foreign country for a defined period. To obtain a student visa you require the following documents –

Dependent Visa – You need a dependent visa if you want to join or accompany your family members or spouse in a foreign country such as Turkey. For the dependent visa apostille stamp Turkey is needed on the following documents – 

Commercial Visa – If you want to engage in any business/commercial-related activity then you require an apostille on these documents – 

Differentiating Apostille And Attestation

The term attestation has different forms such as Notary Attestation, Apostille Attestation, and Embassy Attestation. The purpose and requirement of attestation will determine your choice of the above attestation procedures. Let’s discuss the different attestation methods:

Notary Attestation – If you are using an Indian document inside of India, then a notary attestation is required.

Apostille Attestation – If you are using an Indian document in a country that is a member of the Hague Apostille Convention, then you need an apostille attestation from MEA India.

Embassy Attestation – If you are planning to utilize your Indian certificates in a Non-Hague Convention country, then you require an embassy attestation from the destination country’s embassy.

Important Things To Consider When Obtaining An Apostille

  • All the documents that you will submit for authentication must be original 
  • There should be no stains, marks, or any missing information on your submitted documents 
  • You should have your passport when obtaining an apostille

Obtaining An Apostille Turkey For Personal Documents

These are the 4 steps to obtain an apostille for Turkey

  • Local Verification
  • Notary Attestation
  • State/SDM Attestation
  • MEA (Ministry Of External Affairs) Attestation

Local Verification –  In this initial step of obtaining an apostille for documents, the authorities that issued your personal document authenticate it. Here’s an example –

Notary Attestation – Once your documents are verified locally, they are authenticated by the officials at the Notary Public Office or Collectors office. Every detail of your document is carefully reviewed. If everything is fine then your document is authenticated with a Notary Stamp.

State/SDM Attestation –  You can obtain an apostille for Turkey through two methods. One is State Attestation and the other is Sub Divisional Magistrate Attestation.

State Attestation –  In this type of attestation method the state body reviews and authenticates your personal documents. if all information is found correct and complete, then the district secretary of the State stamps/signs them. State attestation involves multiple government entities and takes over 30 working days to obtain an apostille. This makes state attestation a lengthy and costly process. 

Sub Divisional Magistrate – Sub Divisional Magistrate Attestation is referred to as SDM Attestation. In SDM Attestation, the documents are examined and attested by the head of your district’s subdivision. SDM is a more faster and affordable option than State Attestation because it involves fewer government officials and takes just 3-4 days to complete.

MEA Attestation  – After verification from all the above authorities, your documents get verified by the central government authority which is MEA India. The MEA legalizes your documents and makes them accepted in Turkey. 

It’s always better to talk to your Apostille helpline, they will guide you on which process you need.

Obtaining An Apostille Stamp Turkey For Commercial Documents

These are the 3 steps to get an apostille Turkey for commercial documents 

  • Local Verification
  • Global Chamber Of Commerce 
  • MEA

Local Verification – Your commercial documents get locally verified by the Registrar of Companies 

Global Chamber Of Commerce – After local verification, your documents are submitted for review to a class of business organization known as the Global Chamber Of Commerce. 

MEA – Ministry of External Affairs India authenticates your commercial documents with an apostille. 

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Frequently asked questions

Apostille or Attestation on Educational Documents by Ministry of External Affairs in India Can be done by Submitting the original Documents or True Copies of Original Documents Issued from the relevant School Boards / Universities.

Steps to get Apostille on your Educational Documents:

  • Register for Apostille
  • Submit the documents with us.
  • Pay for the Apostille
  • Receive documents after Apostille to your Address.

Apostille Attestation is Legalization of your documents from Ministry of External Affairs in India. Apostille can be given for the documents issued in India by any authority or issued by any Indian authorities outside the country like Embassy / Consulate. Apostille from MEA can be used in any particular country apart from India.

Check out this article  more details on what is apostille .

Apostille and Attestation are similar words. But Apostille will be given from the Ministry of External Affairs in India. Attestation has a broader meaning. Attestation from MEA is called Apostille. Attestation can be given by State Government or Embassy.

For Educational documents attestation from state government is called HRD attestation.

For Non Educational documents such as Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Affidavits state attestation is called home department attestation.

Attestation for any documents from Indian Embassy is called Embassy Attestation.

Read here for further details on how to get apostille.

Ministry of External Affairs Attestation ( Apostille ) can be done in 2 ways.

  1. State Authentication / Attestation,
  2. Sub Divisional Magistrate ( SDM ) Attestation / Authentication.

State Attestation Process takes longer time compared to SDM attestation. It’s better to do SDM Apostille since it is fast.

If you are travelling to Italy or Austria, then state attestation is required. For all the other Hague nations SDM Apostille is enough, legal, valid and accepted.

Procedure to get Apostille on your Documents:

  • Register for Apostille
  • Submit the documents with us.
  • Pay for the Apostille
  • Receive documents after Apostille to your Address.