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Process of getting apostille for UK issued documents in India

Documents such as UK birth certificate, UK marriage certificate, UK Degree/ Diploma / Educational documents need Apostille by UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office ( FCDO ) in order to use any United Kingdom issued documents outside the UK.

Read this Article for How to Get Apostille for Indian issued Documents who want to go to UK for any Purpose.

According to the Hague convention of 1961 any UK issued document that is being used outside the United Kingdom must get an apostille by the relevant authorities in order to be considered as a legal document in Hague countries.

UK Apostille is a process of verifying the UK issued original / Photocopy  documents for its authenticity, Originality and correctness for the use in all Hague Nations.

Apostille in the UK is provided by the Commonwealth and Development Office ( FCDO ) commonly known as FCDO Apostille. 

All the documents 

  • Personal
    • UK Birth certificate 
    • UK Marriage Certificate 
    • UK Death Certificate 
    • UK Degree / Diploma Educational documents
  • Commercial
    • Company Registration 
    • MOU 
    • POA 

Need UK Apostille / FCDO Apostille to be considered as a legal document in India or anywhere in Countries which are part of Hague nation.

Countries outside the Hague nation such as UAE, Qatar need extra authentication called as Embassy attestation after the apostille is done.

4 Simple steps to get MEA Apostille on your Documents 

  1. Register on Apostille Portal 
  2. Collect all  Documents you want to Apostille 
  3. Submit the Original / Photocopies of documents
  4. Receive Documents with Apostille Directly to your home

Use cases of UK Apostille on UK documents

  • To apply for OCI (overseas citizen of India ), You must get UK birth certificate Apostille or UK marriage certificate Apostille or other relationship documents depending on the basis of application
  • To Apply for Spouse/ Dependent visa or to Register your marriage done in the UK you need to  obtain a UK marriage certificate apostille.
  • To marry a UK citizen in Indian you must get UK birth certificate apostille, UK Marriage certificate 

Process of getting Apostille 

Apostille process varies slightly depending on the type of document 

UK / FCDO Apostille Process

Personal documents such as UK Birth certificate, UK marriage certificate, UK death certificate etc can be apostilled by 2 process 

  1. Apostille on Original Document 
  2. Apostille on Photocopy 

Original document UK apostille

For this process we check the authenticity of the document with the registrar or concerned authority for checking authenticity and originality of the document.

After this verification is passed the original document is submitted to FCDO for apostille.

FCDO will carefully check all the details in the document, and will issue an Apostille on the backside of the document.
Apostille  is stuck to the backside of the original document 

UK Apostille on a photocopy of the Original

In some cases people want an apostille on photocopy or are hesitant to provide original documents, in such cases you can get Uk apostille on photocopy through solicitor seal.

  • Photocopy printout is taken and the contents of the documents are verified by the relevant authorities such as registrar of birth and death etc.
  • After it is proved that the contents of the documents are perfectly in order then we put a solicitors seal.
  • After the Solicitors verification of the photocopy the document is submitted to FCDO office for apostille 
  • After verifying all the details the FCDO will do a UK Apostille based on Solicitors seal.
  • For this process you can just submit the photocopy of the document to us 

UK Apostille Process for UK Degree / Diploma / Educational document

  • For Educational document apostille you need to submit the original documents to us, because apostille on the original Educational documents quick and easy process 
  • Once you submit the original documents its authenticity is checked 
  • After authenticity is proved the document is sealed and signed by Solicitors seal designed specifically for apostille 
  • After Solicitors seal the document is finally submitted to FCDO for final Apostille
  • FCDO after verifying the original document will paste a Apostille sticker on the backside of the document.
  • If you want apostille on the photocopy of the educational certificate, you must request your university to confirm the authenticity of the document through email.

UK Apostille process for commercial documents or affidavits

Similar to the other documents, commercial documents which are issued by the government bodies can be apostilled on original as well as photocopy, however affidavits or other certificates, letters etc issued on company letterhead needs original documents to be submitted.

Embassy Attestation for Non hague countries for UK issued documents

If you are using UK documents in the countries outside the hague convention you must get Embassy attestation after the apostille is done. FCDO Apostille is only valid for Hague countries, for countries such as UAE, Qatar, Iran etc you need embassy attestation after the apostille is done.

Once the document gets apostille the document is submitted to the respective country’s embassy in the UK to get Embassy attestation.

Time taken to Get UK Apostille on Uk documents

Generally FCDO does UK apostille within 7-8 working days, there is an expedite service with FCDO where it processes the documents within 3 days of submission for extra fee. 

But if you are getting apostille on original documents you must consider the timeline of sending the documents to UK and receiving it back 

Courier days – 8 working days
Apostille day ( Normal Process )- 8 working days 

Total 16 working days for Normal process 

You can apply for expedite process – 3 Working days
The total time taken can be further reduced if you are submitting the documents online. Where we take printouts of the document and process the photocopy apostille. In this case you will get the apostille hardcopy within 1 working week
Request for the Apostille by registering for UK Apostille

UK Apostille process for UK documents 

  • Register for UK apostille 
  • Submit / Upload UK documents 
  • We will get Solicitors seal and FCDO apostille 
  • Return the documents after UK apostille

Why  Us ?

  • We prioritise the safety of original documents ( its highest priority )
  • Affordable prices and quick process
  • In depth knowledge, staff knows intricacies of the process and guide you throughout the process, legalisation for hague non hague countries both solutions under one roof.
  • Updates about the process is given directly on whatsapp 
  • In time UK Apostille / FCDO Apostille. 
  • We share scan copies after the apostille is done 
  • Complete cost structure is given before hand

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