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Apostille services in Vadodara

Apostille services in Vadodara verifies the Originality and authenticity of the seal and signature present on any public document. Apostille Services shows that the document is genuine and can be accepted without any doubt.

Apostille is Done by the Ministry of external affairs India. Apostille is needed for public documents such as Degree certificate, Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Police clearance certificate Etc.

4 Simple steps to get MEA Apostille on your Documents 

  1. Register on Apostille Portal 
  2. Collect all  Documents you want to Apostille 
  3. Submit the Original / Photocopies of documents
  4. Receive Documents with Apostille Directly to your home

How to get Apostille Services in Vadodara / Baroda ?

Below are the steps to get Apostille Services in Vadodara 

  1. Collect all the original documents that you want to Apostille 
  2. Collect supporting documents such as passport and aadhar card 
  3. Fill the Apostille application form 
  4. Submit / Courier Documents along with Supporting documents 
  5. Pay the Service Fees 
  6. Get the documents directly delivered to your home after apostille

Why do we need Apostille Services in Vadodara for certificates ?

Anyone who is travelling outside the country or using any Indian documents outside India, they need to get an apostille on the documents. Apostille is required if you are using Indian documents in any of the Hague Nations.

Hague Nations are the group of 117 countries( presently )  that have come together to simplify legalisation of document process. Legalisation is a Process of making any country’s documents legal in foreign country. You need to follow certain verifications to be considered as a legal document in foreign country.

There are 2 kinds of nations when it comes to Legalisation process 

  1. Hague countries ( Countries that are present in Hague Nation List ) – Apostille Process
  2. Non Hague countries ( Countries that are not in Hague Nation List ) – Embassy Attestation Process 

Legalisation process for Hague countries is called Apostille. It is Easier to get Apostille.

Legalisation process for Non Hague countries is called Embassy attestation. It is difficult to get Embassy attestation.

Which document do you need to get an apostille ?

Document that needs an apostille depends on your purpose. For what purpose you require the apostille.

Generally People get an apostille for Visa process, Apostille is also needed for registration purpose, Naturalization process, Permanent residence purpose, to do commercials.

Student Visa needs 

Work / Employment Visa Needs 

Dependent/ Family reunion Visa Needs 

To do commerce you need apostille on 

These are the complete list of documents. Depending on purpose you can get an apostille for some of these documents. Check with the authorities to whom you are submitting the documents for the checklist.

What is the Process Involved in Apostille Attestation ?

Apostille Attestation is a Chain of verification process. Where Multiple Government departments verify your documents. Below are the verifications done to get the document Apostille 

  1. Local Government Verification  
  2. Notary Attestation 
  3. SDM / State Verification 
  4. MEA Verification 
  5. Apostille Attestation 

Local Government Verification

In this Step the government department / Private institution which issued you the document will verify the documents entry. They will check whether the document is actually issued by the institution or not.

Notary Attestation 

Notary public will verify whether the submitted document is original or a photocopy. For photocopy you will get Attested copy seal and Notary attestation. For original documents you will get notary attestation only.

SDM / State Verification 

For the next step the document will be processed either to the state government or to the Sub divisional Magistrate office. State attestation is not a mandatory process for all the countries but some countries like Italy want a mandatory state government process.

State attestation is a time consuming process. It needs nearly 30 working days to get state attestation. State attestation is divided further into HRD Attestation for Educational documents. Home Department Attestation for non educational documents. 

SDM Attestation is fairly easy, For most countries we provide SDM attestation instead of state attestation.

MEA Attestation 

MEA is the Ministry of External Affairs, Deals with foreign matters of India including verifying the documents for foreign countries. MEA Delhi only has the authority to attest the documents. Throughout India the documents will go to Delhi to get MEA attestation.

Apostille Attestation 

Apostille is a Square sticker pasted on the backside of the documents. It has following details of the document

  1. Issued to – Your Name
  2. Signed By 
  3. Authorised by 
  4. Apostille Date 
  5. Unique ID

Process of commercial documents apostille services in Vadodara

Below are the steps followed to get apostille on the commercial documents 

  1. The document is submitted to local authorities who issued the document. To verify the document authenticity.
  2. Then the document is submitted to Chamber of Commerce – COC, to get Chamber of commerce attestation on commercial document 
  3. After COC attestation the documents are submitted to MEA for MEA attestation. 
  4. Finally Apostille will be pasted on the commercial document
  5. After apostille the documents will be directly delivered to give address

Embassy attestation Process for Personal and commercial document is as follows

Embassy attestation can be done after apostille or MEA attestation. 

Once MEA Attestation is done the documents are submitted to the Embassy of the travelling country. Once submitted, the Embassy will take its own time to verify the documents and put Embassy attestation on the document. The Embassy has separate fees that need to be paid directly to the Embassy. 

Time taken to get Embassy verification depends on the embassy itself. Generally embassies take 7 days to 30 days to verify the documents and do Embassy attestation.

Validity of Apostille and Embassy attestation

Generally it is considered –  Apostille has 6 Months validity. However the as per government of India inc concerned as long as the document is valid the apostille holds good. Some countries accept an apostille beyond 6 months or 1 year. Please check with the authorities to whom you are submitting the documents.

Apostille process is an intricate process involving many government authorities. It’s always better to consult an apostille service centre before proceeding with the apostille process.

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