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Procedure to Get Commercial Document Attestation in India

Commercial documents Attestation in India is a service offered by the Ministry of External affairs and different Countries Embassies to legalise indian documents for international Transaction.

Commercial document attestation is needed if you are doing any kind of business activity outside India.Documents are some of the processes you need to get for doing business outside India

  1. Certificate of Incorporation Attestation
  2. Certificate of origin Attestation 
  3. GST Certificate attestation 
  4. Invoice 
  5. Packing List 
  6. Licence

4 Simple steps to get MEA Attestation on your Documents 

  1. Register on Attestation Portal 
  2. Collect all  Documents you want to Apostille 
  3. Submit the Original / Photocopies of documents
  4. Receive Documents with Attestation Directly to your home

Why is Commercial document attestation needed ?

All documents that have been issued to a business are issued within India, If you are doing any business outside India the target country wants to know that the firm or the company is a genuine registered organisation and all its documents are given by the rightful authority.

Any document with proper attestation will be accepted internationally.

When it comes to commercial document attestation there are 2 kinds of Attestation 

  1. Apostille Attestation – for Hague countries – Done by Ministry of External Affairs India
  2. Embassy Attestation – For non hague Countries – Done by Ministry of External Affairs and Embassy of target Country 

Commercial document Apostille Attestation

Apostille Attestation is needed if you are doing business in The Hague Nations, Hague nations are the group of nations listed in Hague Nation list which have come together to abolish the Embassy attestation process from the legalisation process.

Legalisation is nothing but a process of making Indian documents legal in foreign countries. If you are travelling to any country listed in the Hague nation list you just need an apostille attestation done by the MInistry of external affairs only.

Example of Hague Nations – All EU countries( European Union ), Morocco, Oman, Saudi Arabia, North America and Some of South American Countries.,

Commercial document Embassy Attestation

Embassy attestation is done if you are planning to do business in courier that are not listed in the Hague Nation List.In this case Embassy attestation is Mandatory. The Embassy of the Targeting country needs to attest to legalise the document.

How to get Embassy Attestation for a Commercial Document?

 Below are the 3 main steps to get embassy attestation for the document 

  1. Attestation from Chamber of commerce ( COC ) – Firstly the commercial documents are attested by the global Chamber of commerce or Latin Chamber of commerce depending on the requirement and travelling Country.
  2. Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs ( MEA ) – After getting COC attestation the documents are submitted to MEA office for MEA Attestation. MEA is the highest body that can attest the Indian Issued documents.
  3. Attestation by the Target Embassy in India. – FInally the documents are submitted to the target country Embassy in India for embassy attestation. Once the document is attested by the embassy then the document is legalised.

In some cases such as UAE there needs to be an additional step called MOFA attestation which means Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation. MOFA is done in Dubai so after Embassy attestation is done the documents will be sent to Dubai to get the final attestation.

What is the Validity of Commercial Document Attestation Services ?

Attestation validity is 6 months. It is Generally considered that way. However some Countries accept attestation beyond 1-2 years. It is always best to consult the authorities to whom you are submitting the document before going on with the process.

What is the cost of Commercial document Attestation Services ?

Attestation is done by embassies, Each embassies have their own cost. These charges keep on changing from time to time. Generally commercial documents have higher cost than personal documents. The embassy cost can vary from 3000₹ to 60,000₹ depending on the embassy. Check with Attestation Executives before.

Attestation Services is a complicated process involving little verifications from process to process. It is always better to connect with the attestation Service team before proceeding with the attestation Process.

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