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Embassy Attestation for Saudi in India

Saudi Embassy Attestation is not required from January 23rd 2023 for all the public issued documents personal and commercial, Saudi Joined Hague officially joined hague convention from Jan 23rd 2023, Since then you just need Apostille from Ministry of external Affairs India to legalize the documents issued in India for saudi. Documents such as Birth certificatemarriage certificatedegree certificate needs to get apostille for saudi embassy. Steps to get Apostille for saudi embassy attestation 1) Registering for saudi embassy attestation 2) submitting the original documents at Ministry of external affairs 3) Paying for the apostille at Ministry office 4) Collecting Apostille for saudi embassy attestation.

What is an Apostille?

An apostille is a stamp (square-shaped)  that makes documents such as marriage certificate or degree legal to use in foreign countries. The stamp or certificate proves that the documents are genuine and that all details provided in the documents are true and valid.

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Why Apostille for Saudi Arabia is Essential: Understanding Apostille for Saudi Attestation

The real purpose of getting an apostille for Saudi is to mainly attain a Visa for work, study, or any business purpose. 

Reasons why you need an apostille on your documents:-
  • If you want to enter Saudi for employment, you need to have a work visa. Therefore, to obtain a work visa it is required for you to have an apostille on your PCC (Police Clearance Certificate), Degree Certificate, and Experience Letter. 
  • Students who want to enroll in a university in Saudi for higher education, or to get permanent residence must get a degree attestation for Saudi Arabia. Also, for a study visa, an apostille is required for the documents including  Passport Photocopies, Aadhar Card, Photocopy of the license, and transcript.
  • If you want to smoothly operate a business in Saudi, then you must get an apostille on  commercial documents such as a GST certificate, AOA (Article of Association), MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), and Registration Certificate.

Note: –  Every element of your documents should be visible and readable, and they must be original documents free of any marks and stains. 

Government Authorities and Saudi Embassy Attestation in the Apostille Process (For Hague Nations)

Here are the Government Authorities that sign/stamp documents for apostille attestation – 

What is the process of getting an apostille for Personal Documents?

To enter Saudi Arabia for either work, marriage, education, or just travel, there’s a requirement for thorough documentation that can be identified as genuine and authentic in Saudi Arabia. So if you are planning to make your visit to Saudi trouble-free, make your documents credible before the Saudi government.

Below is the apostille process of personal documents for Saudi Arabia  – 

Local verification – Depending on the type of document the local verification will be done. For example – 

  • Marriage Certificate – Marriage Registrar verification
  • Birth certificate – Birth Registrar verification
  • Educational documents – School or University verification
  • Divorce certificate – Court verification
  • Death Certificate –  Registrar of birth and death verification

Notary Attestation – After the preliminary verification is done the document will be submitted to Notary Attestation. In this process, the documents are stamped or signed by the notary. The stamp/sticker primarily approves the document’s authenticity.   

State/SDM attestation – Once the Notary Attestation is done the documents are sent for either state attestation or SDM Attestation Depending on your requirement. For educational purposes, the documents will be authenticated by HRD (Human Resource Development) only under state attestation. It is recommended as well as preferred to go for SDM attestation as it takes less time i.e. 3-4 days than State attestation. State attestation is a lengthy process that typically takes 21-28 working days

MEA attestation –  In the final process the documents are sent to MEA for stamp/signature. MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) legalizes your document with an apostille.

What is the process of getting an apostille for Commercial Documents?

Without proper attestation, no one can smoothly operate or open their commercial work in Saudi. Thus, it is critical to have an  apostille for Saudi Arabia on your commercial documents. 

Below is the process of commercial certificate attestation for Saudi Arabia –

Local Verification – Depending on the type of commercial documents local verification will be done. For example, commercial documents such as GST, Registration, AOA(Article of Association), and MOU(Memorandum of Understanding) will be verified by the Registrar of Companies.

Global Chamber Of Commerce – In this initial process the commercial documents are authenticated by the Global Chamber of Commerce. Global Chamber of Commerce verifies your commercial documents by checking the details of the documents. However, the details in the commercial document must align with the Indian rules and regulations. 

MEA – Upon authentication from the Global Chamber of Commerce, the documents are sent to MEA (Ministry of External Affairs). MEA will legalize your commercial documents with an apostille, helping you to apply for a commercial visa to enter Saudi. 


How can I get a Saudi Embassy attestation in India?

You can get a Saudi Embassy attestation by registering yourself on the Apostille Service website. Since Saudi is part of the Hague nation only Apostille is sufficient to authenticate the document.

How much cost for Embassy attestation for Saudi in India?

The cost of Saudi Embassy attestation in India depends on several factors such as: 

  • Number and type of documents
  • The Country for which the documents are getting apostilled
  • How fast the attestation is needed.

Is certificate attestation mandatory for Saudi Arabia?

Yes, to enter Saudi Arabia for work, study, or business purposes it is mandatory to get a Saudi Embassy attestation.

How can I get Saudi Embassy attestation on my degree certificate?

Degree attestation for Saudi Arabia is required for a job or education in Saudi. You can get degree certificate attestation for Saudi by filling Register for Embassy Attestation form.

What is Saudi attestation charges?

There are many attestations that come before Saudi attestation namely Notary Attestation, SDM Attestation, MEA Attestation finally Saudi attestation the total cost including all the attestation will be 4000₹.

How many days will it take for Saudi embassy attestation in India?

The time taken to get Saud embassy attestation will be 7 working days. There are many attestations that need to be done for Saudi Namely, Notary attestation, SDM Attestation, MEA Attestation UAE Embassy Attestation.

Why Choose Us?

At Apostille Service we understand obtaining an apostille is time-consuming and hectic. That’s why we offer streamlined apostille services to help our customers get an apostille that proves the authenticity of their documents. We help them attain various certificate attestation for Saudi such as birth certificate, PCC (Police Clearance Certificate), and Medical Certificate. Moreover, we assist our customers in getting a marriage certificate attestation for Saudi, and a degree attestation for Saudi Arabia.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. The documents required for Saudi attestation depend on the type of visa you are applying for. Below are the documents required for different types of visas –
  • Work Visa:  Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), Degree Certificate (Original), Experience Letter, etc. 
  • Study Visa: Degree (Original), Transcript, Passport Photocopies, Aadhar Card, and Photocopy of the license. 
  • Commercial Visa: GST, Registration, AOA (Article of Association), and MOU (Memorandum of Understanding). 
  • Dependent Visa: Birth and Marriage Certificate

For apostille we need Original documents and your passport scan copy first and last information page

  1. The time Saudi Embassy attestation takes depends on the type and the number of documents the person has submitted. There is no fixed time for Saudi embassy attestation, it can take up to 3 to 14 days or more for the process to be complete.
  1. Marriage certificate attestation is required for marriage registration outside India and for a Dependent Visa. The steps to attest your marriage certificate without any hassle include:
  • Register for Apostille
  • Submit your documents
  • Make the online payment 
  • After attestation, documents are delivered to your address

Ministry of External Affairs Attestation ( Apostille ) can be done in 2 ways.

  1. State Authentication / Attestation,
  2. Sub Divisional Magistrate ( SDM ) Attestation / Authentication.

State Attestation Process takes longer time compared to SDM attestation. It’s better to do SDM Apostille since it is fast.

If you are travelling to Italy or Austria, then state attestation is required. For all the other Hague nations SDM Apostille is enough, legal, valid and accepted.

Procedure to get Apostille on your Documents:

  • Register for Apostille
  • Submit the documents with us.
  • Pay for the Apostille
  • Receive documents after Apostille to your Address.