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French Translation Service​

French Translation is needed for many officials works. The translation needs to be given by the Certified Translators only. We are Authorized by French embassy and Governments to do all legal translation from English to French Language.

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There are mainly 6 steps in obtaining French Translation for  any kind of documents

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Translation Services are emerging in markets day by day, as there is need for the translations. Different languages are spoken in every country. But there are only few languages for the purpose of business. Earlier only very few languages were in business but now it is not so ,Translation Services have made big impact and made the communication easy between the countries and within country. French which is the language of France is one such involved in Translation. Let us know more detailed information about Translation Services in further topics.

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Go to Translation Process Directly

Relation between India and France

India- France relation is the bilateral relation between France and India. These are the two countries that have been traditionally close and friendly. Economic relations between France and is uneven, as India is leading ahead being a balanced country. France is one among India’s leading foreign investors. It is co-operating India as a part of its ‘Smart Centres’. For a better relationship the Translation Service plays a major role. French Translation Service is effectively providing translation for such business and technical aspects from many years. This helps for the development of any business without any problems regarding translation. 

Purpose of French Translation

French is the second most taught language in the world. French -being the official language of 28 countries ,it is used in almost 57 countries and territories. The main purpose of French Translation Service is to convert any written or collected or printed documents in English to French. This helps for the fast movement of any field in business. Apostille translation service provider converts all the legible documents or reports or papers into their proper understanding language such as French, Spanish and much more. We believe in the works that are perfectly done for the satisfaction of our clients which is what our ultimate goal is without any compromise in the quality of our services.

Who can translate the documents to French?

French is the most used business language amongst others. Because of this, the business deals or documents within the country and foreign countries may also use French language for the purpose of ease in business. French Translation Services are highly recommended for translating any documents or copies. There are several kinds of translations that are done, all of these require highly skilled French translators, well- versed with French vocabulary, grammar, along with the technically profound working personalities. The French Translation Service of Apostille is carrying such process to provide the clients with their level of satisfaction with all its efforts for assurance of quality preserved works.

Types of French Translation

There are several types in translation out of which we discuss here are the three main types such as :

 ➢ Notarized French Translation

 ➢ Certified French Translation

 ➢ Sworn French Translation

 We may find number of reasons where translation is needed for documents, but in few cases not only the translation is enough, it is to be officially approved and accepted throughout the country.

This is done by notary or certified translations. Any of these two can be done for official approval. Either of them provides the proof that documents are translated professionally.

Notarized French Translation Service:

Usually, people who are in legal profession prefer this. Anyone can take the service for different reasons. This is similar to certified, but follows more number of official procedures. Thus, the translations are seen again by a notary- which is the government authority to fulfil legal formalities. Here, anyone can do translation, provided the translation is accurate to the best of their knowledge, and sign an affidavit at the end. Just the translator must sign in front of notary with stamp and signature as witness. Generally, this is more accepted abroad, however you need to take it once. Usually the following documents required notary translation: 

• Degree certificates

 • Professional qualification 

• Administrative documents

Certified French Translation Service:

This requires a professional Translator for certification, which includes declaration with sign for confirmation. How Certified French Translation is done? If the documents are translated by official translator, it has to be certified by any company or signed in front of notary, the document is said to be certified. It includes, translator’s name, signature, contact information and date.

 The following documents come under certified translation services : 

• Birth certificate 

• Death certificate 

• Marriage certificate 

• Business contracts Sworn French Translation Service 

Sworn French Translation Service :

An authorised translation service that is used for the translation of documents or certificates is referred to as Sworn translation or it can also be termed as officially accepted translation. This translation includes degree certificates, birth certificates, academic records and other official documents. Only the authorised ones can provide this type of translation.
There are different requirements for different countries, but if you want to certify any document, Sworn translation is used generally. The documents are guaranteed officially only if they are translated accurately. This cannot be given by a non-sworn translator. Thus, the Sworn translation comes into picture as there is cent percentage of guarantee issued by signing and stamping the documents for accuracy along with the registration number as well. They provide contact details additionally. Thus, Sworn Translation is mandatory while submitting any legal documents.

ISO certification:

The ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) is an independent, non-governmental organisation that develops standards to ensure quality, safety and efficiency of products, services and systems. As the name itself suggests, it is an organisation that creates and publishes the industry standards with the intention to respond to the satisfaction of customers. Having concerned about the lack of quality in manufacturing and consistency, the ISO responds to each of it.

Who issues the ISO certification?

The certification is issued by certification/registration bodies called Registrars or CB’s.
Importance of ISO : If your organisation gets certified with ISO, the quality of the product can be
increased which helps for the betterment of organisation in building business processes.
ISO 9001 is not specific to translation or localisation of industries but, it does certify that there are well documented processes. ISO 17100 is the new internationally recognised standards for companies within translation industries. This considers the processes essential for providing translation services. This defines translator, their technical sources and quality of the service.

How to know the type of translation?

Translation means the transmission of written text from one language (source ) to another ( target).

 1) Technical Translation: For the purpose of marketing of products in other countries this translation is needed. The translation involves the user manuals, data sheets, instructors, maintenance procedures and so on. This type of French Translation is much needed in industries.

 2) Legal Translation: This is the complicated ones among all. This involves marriage certificate, translation certificate ,arguments and more. The translator should know the actual texts of two countries and then further proceed. We have much more but these are very useful for the purpose of translation what we are using now . Finally, based on the documents provided and the purpose of translation we can get to know the type of translation we need .

Accuracy of French Translation

Among the number of leading translation services, we work hard to provide accurate and satisfactory results. French is the lengthy language than English. This fact is always considered while generalising or localising our clients website or any application into French. 

Translation of one language to another is the main tougher task without any knowledge about both the languages. In these technically moving days, the smart work is much preferred over hard work. Thus, the accuracy depends on the smartness of the translation services. The well-coordinated translators are the pillars for accuracy of the provided translation works. 

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Frequently asked questions

For translation we don’t require original documents.

We need proper scan copies to translate the document into required language 

The Proper translation process requires – days of time. There will be initial translation and this initial draft will be checked and rechecked with 2 efficient translators. A slight different word will change complete meaning of the sentence. That’s why the care is taken and that takes 2-3 days.

we provide ISO certified Translation and Sworn Translation which are accepted by all embassies around the word.

We provide the most transparent service 

Once the draft is made this draft is share with you for checking with the spelling of name and and date translation.

Once you confirm that the translation is correct then only we will proceed further for certification.

Our support lasts till the embassies accept the translation.

Any query after the translation is delivered to you will be sorted out quickly.

If you have any further questions or need more clarification, feel free to call us at 7406384899