Global Korea Scholarship - GKS

Global Korea Scholarship in Short GKS is aimed to provide scholarship for international students outside Korea to pursue their higher education in Korea, This will enhance the International relations cultural exchange and provide quality education for the Students seeking to graduate in South Korea.

This Scholarship is awarded for different Levels, Namely

  • Undergraduates
  • Graduates
  • Masters
  • Research Scholars

National Institute of international Education( NIIED ) has announce this scholarship for International Students in partnership with Government of Korea.

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Apostille Application

Step 1 - Provide applicant details

The Basic qualifications to apply for this scholarship :

  • The students who are applying should not be Korean citizen.
  • The parents of the students should not be a Korean citizens.
  • Students who are applying for graduate program should be below 25 years of age.
  • Students who are applying for postgraduate program should be below 40 years of age.
  • Student should finish all their previous formal education properly.
  • Student should score minimum of 80% GPA in the previous education.

Procedure to apply for GKS Scholarship

There are 2 ways you can apply for the scholarship

  • Through Embassy Track
  • Through University Track

Through Embassy Track

If you apply through Embassy you can apply for scholarship to 3 universities which provide the courses that you care interested in.

  • Students can apply for universities here – Korean University application
  • Go through the website thoroughly and apply for universities in Korea
  • After applying for university you can now apply for scholarship online using this link Korean Scholarship

Documents required for Scholarship application

To apply for GKS Scholarship the applicants should submit the following documents given in checklist

  • Form 1 – GKS Scholarship Application
  • Form 2 – Personal Statement
  • Form 3 – Statement of Purpose
  • Form 4 – Research Proposal
  • Form 5 – Recommendation Letter
  • Form 6 – Letter of Invitation
  • Form 7 – GKS Applicant Agreement
  • Form 8 – Personal Medical Assessment

Please check which forms you need to submit for your category using the checklist below

GKS, Global korea scholarship, GKS checklist
GKS Scholarship Checklist

For embassy Track you need to submit these documents with Apostille

Totally for embassy track you need 4 sets of documents

1 set apostilled documents ( Apply Here For Apostille )
3 sets of Photocopies of all the apostilled documents.

Each set should contain following documents

  • Educational Documents – Apostilled Degree and Transcript or Consolidated Mark sheet 
  • Age – Apostilled Birth certificate / Passport duly apostilled
  • Parents Citizenship document – Family Registar /Passport Apostille / Voter Card / Aadhar card each parent duly apostilled
  • These 5 documents are mandatory for applying for GKS Scholarship.

Instructions for filling the form for GKS Scholarship

All the documentations should be either in Korean or in English, other languages are not accepted.

Applicant’s English name MUST match the name on their passport.

Letter of recommendation should be from 2 different recommenders, Who assess your academic performance thoroughly, The recommendation letters must be sealed in an envelope and be submitted to the Embassy or University that conducts the first round of selection.