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In French: apostille means certify, authenticate or complete. Aims to simplify legalizing the documents issued in any country by a registered or recognised institute.Once a document is apostilled it is recognised or considered legal in countries listed in Hague countries which includings India. Countries which are part of hague convention does not require further attestation from embassy after apostillation done t the document. Simple apostille is enough to validate documents.

Required Documents

1. Documents for Apostille

  1. Originals of the documents you want to Apostille.

  2. Passport for identification (In case of marriage and Devorce certificate Passport of Husband(or ex) and Wife(or Ex) both are needed.

  3. Passport size photographs (optional)

  4. If someone is collecting on behalf of you, He/she should carry authorization letter on 20rs bond. (only if state attestation required)

Step by Step Procedure

  1. Collect all the original documents you want apostille, and supporting documents as mentioned above.

  2. There are 2 ways of doing the attestation,
    1)State attestation ---> Notary ---> HRD attestation --->MEA Apostille. This is a longer process requires 1 month to get whole thing done. Higher cost as well.
    2)SDM attestation --->Notary ---> SDM attestation ---> MEA apostille. This is a faster and cheaper process many contries accept this verification except Austria and Italy where there is a chance of 90% acceptence. 10% of the document will be rejected (only in Austria and Italy other contries are okay with this process no rejection)

  3. Difference between those 2 ways.
    Apostille which involves State attestation where state authority has to attest for the document.This attestation takes longer because your documents will be sent to the authorities which issed the document. There will be 3 to 4 verifications this will cause delay in the process.

    In case SDM attestation which bypasses the state attestation, Sub Divisional Magistrate will authenticate your document, this does not take much time, so this is a faster process. all the Hague convention countries will accept this except Austria and Itally where acceptance rate is 90%.
    In both the cases MEA apostille is provided.

  4. In the first way where state authority is involved, go to concerned state authority and submit the document pay a nominal Verification fee.wait for 1 week or so collect it back.If you have completed it then directly apply here for apostille.

  5. Submit the original document at Regional commissioner office carry originals and one photocopy. Carry required documents mentioned above.

  6. Get a seal from Notary in your region.

  7. Submitbmit the documents to HRD department and get HRD seal on the document for Apostille.

  8. Finally submit the documents to MEA, you must go through some agencies to get Apostille.Wait for 1 week maximum.

  9. Simplest Solution, Register here, Sit back and relax. Apostille documents will reach your home.

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Further Frequently Asked Questions

Documents issued in one country in a particular city (Hyderabad) should be authenticated or legalized to be used in another country. The other country will recognize those documents and will have the  same legal  value in the other country as the parent country in which documents are produced.

​Before the Hague Convention the authentication procedure was very difficult as there were many people involved in making a single document legal. The Hague Legalization Convention simplifies the procedures for documents if both countries are part of the convention.

Yes its is, to know which countries are part of hague convention refer below link


If your country is not listed in Hague convention Your documents require Consular/Embassy legalization.  This process involves 2 extra steps at the Department of State and the Embassy or Consulate.

The question is why others price is more because there are many middle man involved in document apostille we are no middle man we directly have contact to MEA (Ministry of External Affairs)

  • Birth certificate Apostille & Embassy Attestation for Oman, issued in  Bangalore
  • Marriage certificate Apostille & Embassy Attestation for United States of America, issued in Old Bangalore
  • Divorce certificate Apostille & Embassy Attestation for Canada, issued in South Bangalore
  • Affidavit certificate Apostille & Embassy Attestation for Australia, issued in East Bangalore
  • PCC certificate Apostille & Embassy Attestation for Africa, issued in Central Bangalore
  • Power of Attorney certificate Apostille & Embassy Attestation for Kuwait, issued in West Bangalore
  • Death certificate Apostille & Embassy Attestation for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, issued in North Bangalore
  • Ration card certificate Apostille & Embassy Attestation for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, issued in  Bangalore
  • Pan Card certificate Apostille & Embassy Attestation for United States of America, issued in Old Bangalore
  • Bank Statement certificate Apostille & Embassy Attestation for China, issued in South Bangalore
  • Degree certificate Embassy Apostille & Embassy Attestation for Philippine, issued in East Bangalore
  • Marks sheet certificate Apostille & Embassy Attestation for Saudi Arabia, issued in Central Bangalore
  • Diploma certificate Apostille & Embassy Attestation for Taiwan, issued in West Bangalore
  • SSC certificate Apostille & Embassy Attestation for Brazil, issued in North Bangalore
  • HSC certificate Apostille & Embassy Attestation for Angola, issued in  Bangalore
  • B.Tech certificate Apostille & Embassy Attestation for Egypt, issued in Old Bangalore
  • M.Tech certificate Apostille & Embassy Attestation for Sudan, issued in South Bangalore
  • BSC Nursing certificate Apostille & Embassy Attestation for Algeria, issued in East Bangalore
  • MSC Nursing certificate Apostille & Embassy Attestation for Malaysia, issued in Central Bangalore
  • certificate of origin Apostille & Embassy Attestation for Malaysia, issued in West Bangalore
  • Memorandum of Association certificate Apostille & Embassy Attestation for for America, issued in  Bangalore
  • Article of Association certificate Apostille & Embassy Attestation for United Arab Emirates, issued in North Bangalore
  • commercial invoices certificate Apostille & Embassy Attestation for Saudi Arabia, issued in  Bangalore
  • Bill of Landing certificate Apostille & Embassy Attestation issued for Canada, in Old Bangalore

Apostille for Japan

Japan is a country which comes under the Hague Nation List. So, Apostille will be enough to get legal status to your documents.

Japan is an island nation and 69% of the land is covered by the forest. Japan has become world’s second largest economic nation because the People of Japan are very hard working and they have very good sense Entrepreneurship. Japan is one of the hottest Destination for tourists and the things like Mount Fuji, Golden Pavilion, Himeji Castle attracts millions of tourists to visit Japan.

Japan has some of the world’s best universities like Tohoku University, The University of Tokyo and Kyoto University and most of them prefers mode of instruction is in English. 

If you are an Indian and you are moving to Japan on work or to open up a branch of your business or to study then the Government of Japan will ask you to produce the related Document Apostilles and their Spanish Translations (Translations of some Document Apostilles will be asked). Lets know about an Apostille.

What is an Apostille?

In India, Every original document which is issued to a person belongs to any one of the 36 states and they are valid only within India. These original Documents are not considered as Genuine in any foreign country unless they have Apostille stamp on them. The original document has to get Apostille stamp to prove that the Document is Genuine in foreign country.

So, an Apostille is the Stamp given to the Original Document by the Ministry of External affairs of a country to make it valid in the foreign country.


An Apostille is simply a certification of a Document issued by a legal or registered authority in a country to use it in the foreign country.

A document which has Apostille stamp on it, is simply known as a Document Apostille.

Who has the Authority to Apostille the documents?

In every country, there is a Government arm which is called as MEA(Ministry of External  Affairs) and it has the authority to put Apostille stamp on all the documents which are work related, academic related and family related.

If you are planning to move to Japan then make sure that you have all the Required Document Apostilles. Because once you are in Japan and then if you need an Apostille, you need to send the document back to India through a courier service which will be very costly and you will not be able to produce the document on time to the Government.

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What is the procedure of getting a Document Apostille for a Country?

The process of getting A Document Apostille is explained in the Chart

Apostille Procedure For Japan

What is HRD Attestation?

There are two types of Documents

  1. Educational Document
  2. Non Educational Document

The Attestation from the State Home Department for the Educational Document such as Degree Certificate, Transcripts, is known as HRD (Human Resource Department) Attestation.

What is Home Department Attestation?

The Attestation from the State Home Department for the Non Educational Certificates such as Single Status Certificate, Power of Attorney, is known as Home Department Attestation.

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Can I send the Original Document to the MEA personally?

No, You can’t.

To send a Original Document to MEA for an Apostille, You need to find a legal Apostille Service Provider.  

Since 2012, the MEA has outsourced the process of collection and distribution of a Document apostille to private Enterprises. The Document which are sent personally to the MEA to get an Apostille will not considered.

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  • Travelling on work visa

        If you are travelling to the Japan on work visa then you need to get the following documents Apostilled.

  1. Degree Certificates
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. PCC Certificate
  • Travelling on dependent visa

       The following documents must be Apostilled when are moving to Japan on dependent visa.

         For childBirth Certificate is enough

         For wife/husband

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. PCC Certificate 
  3. Marriage certificate 
  • Travelling to Establish a business

       For business or entrepreneurship in the Japan, one must Apostille the following documents.

  1. GST Certificate
  2. Power Of Attorney
  3.  Aadhar Card
  4. Pan Card
  • Travelling to get married

      To marry a person who is a Japanese then you need to get following documents Apostilled.

  1. Single Status Certificate
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. PCC Certificate
  4. Decree Absolute/Divorce Decree (If you are a Divorcee)
  5. Death certificate of spouse/husband(if your life partner is dead)


An Apostille contains following details in it:

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