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Hague Apostille Convention countries List

The following 117 countries are members of the Hague Apostille Convention and will require an Apostille.

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Is India a member of Hague Apostille Convention?

Yes, India is a part of Hague nation, India joined Hague countries in 2005, According the Hague Apostille Convention all the documents issued in India needs to be attested by MEA only no requirement for further embassy attestation

How many countries are part of the Apostille Convention?

There are 117 Hague countries, India is also a part of Hague nations. There are further countries joining Hague nation, This will ease the document transfer between countries.

How can I get Hague apostille in India?

Hague Apostille is done by MEA India, Before apostille is done to the document the document should get many verifications such as Notary, SDM / State Attestation, MEA Attestation, Apostille

Where is apostille done in India?

Apostille is done by MEA ( Ministry of External affairs India ) located in Delhi, So all your documents along with supporting documents must be submitted to MEA Delhi

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