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How to get apostille Service in Dehradun

Apostille Service in Dehradun is needed for documents issued in Dehradun or in Maharashtra. the documents that need apostille are personal, commercial etc for different VISA purposes.

Define Apostille in simple words?

Apostille is a way that is generally used to change a simple certificate into a legal certificate that is proven authentic.  After the apostille, the document is believed as valid and real and can be shared with another foreign country. Once the document is sealed and stamped by the Ministry of External Affairs the foreign authorities will accept the document without thinking that the document is a dummy or that the information/details that are written in the document are not true.

Apostille came in 1961 when all the nations worked together and found a way to make the checking of documents easier and faster. All the nations came to a mutual decision and became a part of the Hague nations. There are in total 117 countries at present that are a member of the Hague nations. India is also part of the Hague Convention. 

4 Simple steps to get MEA Apostille on your Documents 

  1. Register on Apostille Portal 
  2. Collect all  Documents you want to Apostille 
  3. Submit the Original / Photocopies of documents
  4. Receive Documents with Apostille Directly to your home

Why should a person get a translation of documents done?

Some foreign countries ask for the translation of documents before submitting them. So, it is necessary for a person to get the documents translated into the official language. Make sure to choose a good translator who knows the language well and can translate without errors. There are many attestation translations in Dehradun but select the one that has proficiency in the language and is reliable.

Are there steps that are performed to get the document apostille in Uttarakhand?

To get the document apostille, there are three essential steps that are performed for the countries that are member countries of the Hague Nation. Although, there is an additional step which is Embassy Attestation that is done for the countries that are not a part of the Hague Convention. So, let’s see the three major steps:

  • Notary Attestation: To begin the attestation process, a person has to get an apostille stamp. In this, the document is at first carefully checked by the notary. All the details are matched with the supporting documents. When all the information is found correct then the notary will attest the certificate. 
  • State/SDM Attestation: In this step, an individual went to either of the authority that is State or SDM. Both authorities will work in a similar manner. All the documents are verified with other information and other sources. Then, once the document and information are found real and true. Then the authority will place the stamp on the document.
  • Ministry of External Affairs: This is the final step of the entire apostille process for the Hague Nations. All the documents are carefully investigated by the MEA. An apostille stamp and sticker are placed by the Ministry of External Affairs when the documents are found correct. 

What to choose SDM or State Attestation?

There are two options available for a person to get the document attested that is Sub Divisional Magistrate and the State Attestation. Below both attestations are explained  in detail:

  1.  Sub Divisional Magistrate: The process to get the document attested from the Sub Divisional Magistrate is simpler and less time-consuming. Choose SDM if the country is a part of a Hague nation for which the documents are getting attested.  
  2. State Attestation: State Attestation is compulsory in case the document is getting attested for a country that is not a member of the Hague Convention. State Attestation is a lengthy process and it also takes more time than SDM attestation. Generally, around 3-4 working weeks are taken to complete the attestation procedure.

What is the paper/document needed for a document apostille in Dehradun?

A person should have the mentioned documents for the document apostille. Let’s have a look:

  • Major Documents
  1. An original Marriage Certificate/Degree certificate/PCC/ Single Status Certificate/Birth Certificate is mandatory.

           (Whatever document a person wants to get apostilled).

  • Supporting Documents
  1. A photocopy of the Passport(Only the front and back pages).
  2. A license photocopy
  3. Aadhar card photocopy

What are the charges paid for an apostille Service in Dehradun?

There are some charges that every individual has to pay for documents apostille service. These depend on the following factors:

  • Type of document
  • Number of documents
  • Charges that are paid for the services at the above-mentioned authorities
  • Fees of an apostille service provider vary from one another
  • Additional services taken such as picking and dropping off documents. 

So, all these charges may vary as per the state or country. It is better to contact an apostille service provider to know better about the charges.

Is there any validity of a certificate apostille in Uttarakhand

As all documents come with validity. So, in a similar way, the document apostille in Dehradun also has a certain validity. The document is valid for a period of six months. So, ensure that the documents are issued within the time period. Although, there are some countries that might accept an affidavit that is older than this. So, the hired apostille service in Uthrakhand can tell better about the validity after analyzing all the information.

Is Embassy attestation needed for all countries?

Embassy attestation is one of the essential steps for the attestation of documents. But, it is not a necessary step. It is important for all the countries that are not a part of Hague nations. In addition, for all those countries that have demanded embassy attestation. 

For Hague Nations:
Notary + State/SDM + Ministry of External Affairs

For Non-Hague Nations:
Notary + State/SDM + Ministry of External Affairs + Embassy Attestation.

What are the steps involved in the Ministry of External Attestation?

An individual has to follow the four steps that are mentioned below to get the MEA apostille. 

Can an individual go and get the certificate apostille in Dehradun?

Earlier, any individual can go to the above-mentioned authorities for the attestation of documents. But due to the high rush at the authorities, now it is not possible for a person to go and get the certificate apostille in Dehradun. Now, a person has to hire an apostille service provider for the attestation of documents.

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