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How to get Apostille Service in Nagpur | Maharashtra

Apostille service in Nagpur is required for Documents issued in Nagpur or in Maharashtra, Apostille will be done for personal Documents, Commercial Documents etc..

What is apostille in simple terms?

Apostille is getting the document legalized to use in a foreign country. A stamp is placed on the backside of the certificate by an authority. There are several stages done before the final attestation of the document. All the information is carefully scrutinized. In India, the document is presented to the notary, the state, and then the Ministry of External Affairs. The attestation is done by MEA. The apostille stamp lets the other countries know that all the given details are true and correct.

4 Simple steps to get MEA Apostille on your Documents 

  1. Register on Apostille Portal 
  2. Collect all  Documents you want to Apostille 
  3. Submit the Original / Photocopies of documents
  4. Receive Documents with Apostille Directly to your home

Why should an individual get the document apostille in Maharashtra?

Several reasons make an apostille in Maharashtra important. Let’s see a few of them:

  • Apostille is important for the  Hague convention member country for visa purposes. Since 2005, India is also a part of the Hague Nations. So, in India getting documents apostille is important.
  • The apostille sticker is issued by the Ministry of External Affairs. The sticker contains essential information about the certificate. This sticker makes the foreign country feel safer as it is signed by the higher authority of the country.  
  • The apostille sticker contains a unique number and several other important details such as the name of the applicant, name of the document, officer signature, date, time, and many more. The sticker assists in examining all the details. Moreover, the sticker also adds authenticity to the document. 

What steps are needed to complete to get the certificate apostille in Maharashtra?

There are three steps that are needed to complete to get the certificate apostille in Maharashtra. Let’s have a closer look at all steps:

  • Notary Attestation: In this, the certificate is given to the notary to check. The documents are attested once all the details are verified and found accurate. Translation of documents is also done and make sure to choose a person who is having good knowledge of the official language. For attestation Translation in Nagpur, register here. 
  • SDM/State Attestation: This is the second step of the attestation process, here the certificate is sent to any of the above-mentioned authorities. Both authorities function in a similar manner. The attestation is completed with a stamp and signed by the state or the SDM.

The time taken by both authorities is not similar. The state completes the work in more time. The state attestation generally takes 3 to 4 weeks to complete the attestation work. However, SDM consumes quite less time. The attestation is completed in only three to five days.

  • Ministry of External Affairs: Attestation by MEA is the last step for all the Hague countries. This is one of the vital steps of the complete attestation procedure. In this step, all the above-mentioned documents are given to the MEA. All supporting documents are also analyzed carefully. When the documents get verified then they are attested. 

A sticker is placed on the certificate and has a unique number. This sticker adds authenticity to the document. A foreign country can also check the details online. The attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs is important for the completion of the attestation procedure. 

What to select state attestation or SDM attestation?

Both authorities work in a similar way. However, there is a big difference in the time duration. Let’s have a look:

  1. Sub Divisional Magistrate: Getting the certificate apostille in Nagpur from SDM does not take much time. An individual can get a document apostille in just three to five days.  So, select SDM attestation if the country is a part of a Hague nation for which the documents are getting attested. 
  2. State Attestation: If a country has specified that state attestation is compulsory. Then, it becomes important for an individual to select state attestation. An individual has to wait for approximately three to five weeks to get the state attestation done. State Attestation is a lengthy process so choose wisely. 

Which major and supporting documents is a must for the document apostille in Nagpur?

There are some major and supporting documents needed to get the document apostille in Nagpur. These are as follows:

  • Major Documents

         (Only those certificates needed that are to be apostilled).

  1.   Supporting Documents
  • Passport Photocopy(Front and last page).
  • Aadhar(Photocopy)
  • Driving License(Photocopy)

For how much time a person can use a document that is apostilled?

Mostly, a document that is to apostilled is valid for a period of 6 months. However, some countries accept an apostille document that is a year old. Make sure to show the documents to an apostille service in Maharashtra, they will examine all the documents. After analyzing the details the service provider will tell the accurate validity of the certificate.

What is the cost a person has to pay for document apostille in Nagpur?

There are multiple charges that a person might have to pay for the document apostille in Nagpur. These vary with the type of document and number of documents. The charges may also fluctuate as per the country and state where they are attested. An individual has to pay several authorities to get the attestation done such as a notary, state/sdm, and also at MEA. Moreover, a separate fee is also paid to the apostille service provider for the attestation of documents. So, register for apostille to know the exact amount that is associated with the attestation of the document.

How to select the best apostille service in Nagpur?

For the certificate apostille in Nagpur choose the apostille service that can handle the document wisely. As all the documents are original they are to be apostille. So ensure that all the documents are kept safe. As if any of the documents get misplaced then a lot of time is wasted and may also affect the entire procedure. The apostille service provider should have complete knowledge of all steps and authorities. Don’t go just for cheap ones as they might increase the time duration. Contact the best apostille provider for good service.

An Apostille contains following details in it:

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