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Apostille Service in Vijayawada

Apostille Service in Vijayawada is needed for the documents issued in Vijayawada or Andhra Pradesh.

What is Apostille Service and how to get it in Vijayawada?

The attestation is getting the document verified and stamped by the authorities. This is a way that legalizes a document with an apostille stamp on it. The documents that are generally attested are marriage certificates, police clearance certificates, educational certificates, single status certificates, or any other commercial document. 

There are several authorities that are involved to complete the attestation process. In India when the document is attested by a notary, state, and MEA then it can be used in any foreign country. Attested documents are regarded as legal and authentic in other countries. Getting a document apostille in Vijayawada is easier, so just register for Apostille

4 Simple steps to get MEA Apostille on your Documents 

  1. Register on Apostille Portal 
  2. Collect all  Documents you want to Apostille 
  3. Submit the Original / Photocopies of documents
  4. Receive Documents with Apostille Directly to your home

Is the translation of documents important?

Translation of documents is essential only if the papers are written in a different language. It is very important that a professional translator translates a  legal paper as they have complete knowledge of the language. Also, to get an attestation translation in Andhra Pradesh choose a translator that has proficiency in the language and does the work without any mistakes.

Why should a person get the apostille of the documents?

There are multiple reasons that make the attestation of documents important. If an individual is planning to travel out of the country or needs official work in their own country. Then it is important for them to get the documents apostilled. So, let’s see some of other important reasons below to get the certificate postillion done:

  • To legalize a normal certificate
  • Compulsory for all the Hague nations
  • To use the document in some other country(Foreign Country)
  • To make the verification process faster in the country where you are going.
  • Once the document contains an apostille stamp on it then there is no need for Embassy Attestation.

What are the steps that are performed to get the document Apostille in Andhra Pradesh done?

There are three steps followed to get the document Apostille if the countries are members of the Hague Nations. These are explained below:

  • Notary Attestation: This is the first and foremost step to begin the attestation process. The notary will analyze the document that is provided cautiously. Further, after verification of all the details provided, the notary attests to the certificates.

  • SDM/State Attestation: This is the next step of the attestation process. Here all the information is examined by the SDM or State. The authority from where the documents are getting attested will attest the document with the stamp and signature after verification of the document. 

An individual should have SDM attestation over state attestation. This is because the SDM attestation gets completed in only three to five ways. On the other hand, state attestation is time-consuming and takes approximately three to four weeks for attestation. This is because at the state level, there is more rush of applications and it takes time for approval. 

  • Ministry of External Affairs: Getting the document attested from the Ministry of External Affairs is a crucial step. The authority will carefully check each and every provided document and information. When the MEA founds that all the information that is provided is authentic then the documents are attested by them. The attestation is completed by placing a stamp on the backside of the document. This is the final step for all the nations that are now a member of the Hague Convention. 

            However, if the country is not a member of Hague Nation, then an extra step is done that is as follows:

  • Embassy Attestation: At this stage, the documents that are to be examined and all supporting documents are provided. Moreover, the embassy fees are also submitted. The embassy scrutinized the certificate properly. The documents are signed by the Embassy when they feel that the certificate is real and genuine. With this step, the attestation procedure ends. 

What are the documents that an individual should have with them to get the document apostille in Andhra Pradesh done?

There are a few documents that are important for an individual to submit for the attestation of documents. These are as follows:

In how much time the document apostille in Andhra Pradesh is completed?

The time that is taken for the apostille service in Andhra Pradesh is just seven to 10 days. The provided time may increase if any uncertainty happens. So make sure to choose an apostille service provider who is reliable. 

Can an individual go and get the certificate apostille in Andhra Pradesh?

Earlier, it was possible for any person to visit the Ministry of External Affairs to get the certificate apostille. But from 2012, only apostille service providers are allowed to visit the office for the certificate apostille. So, hire an apostille service provider that is trustworthy and knows the complete procedure very well. This will make the attestation process faster and will also keep all the documents safe.

What charges are paid by an individual for the attestation of documents?

There are different charges that are paid for the attestation of documents. The charges vary with the type of document and also with the count(number) of documents that are to be apostilled. Moreover, a particular fee is also paid to the service provider for the attestation of documents. In addition to this, an amount is also paid as fees to all the above-mentioned authorities. So, an apostille service provider can tell the accurate amount after analyzing all the documents and other information.

How can a person get a certificate apostille in Vijayawada done?

A person has to follow specific steps to get the certificate apostille in Vijayawada done:

  • Firstly,  collect all the major and supporting documents.
  • Then, choose the type of apostille that is needed by you.
  • Moving ahead, get the registration done from the apostille service provider in Vijayawada.
  • Last, make sure to submit all the documents that an apostille service requires.

An Apostille contains following details in it:

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