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How To Get Malaysia Embassy Attestation?

Malaysia Embassy Attestation is an essential step in legalizing the document for the use in Malaysia. Malaysia Embassy Attestation is provided by Malaysian Embassy in India for all the documents issued legally in India. Documents such as Degree certificate, Birth Certificates, marriage Certificate will be attested by Malaysian Embassy. 

Steps to get Malaysian Embassy Attestation are 1) Registration for Malaysian Embassy 2) Submission of original documents 3) Completing the payment for Attestation 4) Collecting Embassy attested documents.

There are many types of documents in the personal category that require Malaysian embassy attestation such as (Birth Certificates, Police Clearance certificates Apostille, Marriage Certificates and many more), Moreover, in educational documents, all degree certificates are covered. This is a lengthy process, so find the best apostille service provider to begin the attestation process of the documents. As the documents are first reviewed by the Home department and then moved on to the Ministry of External Affairs for verification.

Important Note: Malaysia is not a member of the Hague Nation. So there will be a need for Embassy Attestation for the documents.

4 Simple steps to get Embassy Attestation on your Documents 

  1. Register on Embassy Attestation Portal 
  2. Collect all  Documents you want to Attest 
  3. Submit the Original / Photocopies of documents
  4. Receive Documents with Embassy Attestation  Directly to your home

What Is Malaysia Embassy Attestation?

Malaysian Embassy Attestation is a way where a document is examined by the legal authorities. Malaysian embassy gives a special and unique stamp on the document so that it can be considered a genuine and authentic document.

Attestation is a process that involves numerous steps where a document is checked and verified by the legal authorities. Malaysian embassy attestation is a judgment or a report that is given, to add a legal status to the document, and also with its stamp, the document is proved to be correct and all the details are regarded as true.

Malaysia Embassy Attestation

When Does A Person Need To Get An Apostille For Malaysia Embassy Attestation?

A person may require an Apostille for the Malaysian Embassy Attestation for the following reasons:

What Are The Documents That Are Needed For Apostille For Malaysia Embassy Attestation?

There are only a few documents needed to complete the process of Apostille for the Malaysian embassy attestation. Have a look:

  1. Original Certificates (Marriage/PCC/Degree/Birth)
  2. Passport Photocopy only front and back side or Driving License.

Ensure that all the documents are in good condition, to avoid extra time or delay in the process.

What Is The Time That Is Taken For Getting The Attestation For Malaysia?

As there are many steps that are involved in the attestation for Malaysia. Being not a member of the Hague nations adds some extra steps, so the time depends on the legal authorities. Generally, it takes 15-20 for the complete process of Apostille for Malaysia but time also increases or even decreases, that depends on the country that has issued the document and also on the type of document.

Procedure To Get The Attestation For Birth/PCC/Degree/Marriage Certificate Attestation For Malaysia

The process to get the apostille is quite long due to the many steps involved. However, it is not much difficult. Let’s see all of them in detail:

  • Notary Attestation: The first step to getting the attestation is from the notary. In this step, the document is checked by the notary, and after completing the checking process. The document is signed and stamped by the notary.
  • State Department/SDM Attestation: After notary attestation, the document is to be sent to State/SDM Department. Here, the details of the documents are seen and matched with the other certificates. After verifying all the details, the documents are attested by the State/SDM Department.

State attestation takes around three to four weeks the complete attestation process. However, the attestation at the SDM needs only seven to ten days for completion. So, choose SDM unless the country where the documents are to be shown asks for a state attestation.

  • Ministry of External Affairs: This is the crucial step for attestation. The Ministry of External Affairs goes checks every small detail. Being a higher authority, this may be a little time-consuming. Once the details are confirmed, then the document is stamped and signed by the MEA. This proves that the document is real and all the information is true.
  • Attestation from Malaysian Embassy: As Malaysia is not a part of the Hague nation, the document is sent to the Malaysian embassy for attestation. In this step, the document is once again checked and verified by the legal authorities. After completing the verification process, the document is finally attested. This is the last step of the Apostille.

Important Note: Before 2012, any person can go and get the apostille of the documents from legal authorities but now a person had to choose the apostille service and take their help for getting the document apostille.

What Is The Cost Of Getting The Apostille For Malaysia?

There is no fixed cost for getting the Apostille for Malaysia. As it changes from time to time. In the last step, a person has to pay the embassy attestation fees, which vary from country to country. So, the cost of attestation may also differ with the fees, type of documents, and also the number of documents that are getting apostille as the documents get multiplied for a spouse visa or a family visa. Do Register for apostille and get complete information on apostille.

Is There Any Extra Step For The Malaysian Embassy Attestation For PCC?

No, there are no extra steps that need to be done for the Malaysian embassy attestation for PCC. All the steps are the same as other attestation processes. An individual can get the PCC document easily in India from the below-given ways.

  • From the Nearest Police Station.
  • Passport Centre. (A person can apply for a PPC at home only by completing the form that is given on the website of the passport center)

Safe And Secure Apostille

A person must select a safe and secure attestation service. Do not go for cheap services as you may have to face some kind of fraud or delay in the procedure. Always choose the best apostille service provider that is known by others and is trustworthy. Also, check the background of the service provider before selecting one for yourself.

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