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HRD Attestation in Uttar Pradesh

What is HRD Attestation ?

HRD Attestation is a verification process done by the State Government for all Educational documents. Documents such as Bachelor Degree Certificate, Master Degree certificate, Transcript, 12th 10th Etc..
HRD attestation full form is Human Resource Department Attestation, also called as State Attestation for educational documents.
State Attestation for non educational documents such as birth, marriage, death certificates is known as Home Department Attestation.

4 Simple steps to get HRD Attestation on your Documents 

  1. Register on HRD Portal 
  2. Collect all  Documents that need HRD Attestation 
  3. Submit the Original / Photocopies of documents
  4. Receive Documents with HRD Attestation Directly 

Why HRD Attestation is required ?

Below are the reasons to get HRD Attestation from the state of Uttar Pradesh

  • Mandatory Requirement for Apostille Process.
  • For admission into foreign Universities.
  • If you are travelling under Work visa.
  • To prove that given documents are genuine. 

Process of getting HRD Attestation in Uttar Pradesh

The process of HRD attestation is a complicated and long procedure. It involves document verification from State Governments and the verification from Document issuing institute .
The process of HRD attestation is as follows

  1. Finding out the Institution which issued you the original document. 
           -Degree Certificate / Transcript – University
           -10th & 12th – School Board
           -PhD – University
           -Transfer Certificate –  School Board
  2. Finding out RAC ( Regional Authentication Centers )
    RACs are Regional Authentication Centers where the secretariate of the states sits, they are responsible to attest the documents. 
    Here are the list of RAC Centers. Every state has multiple RACs its important to know under which RAC you fall in.
  3. Submission of Original documents at Regional Authentication Center
    Carry your original documents, Passport Photocopy, 2 Passport size photographs & an Application form.
  4. Submission of Original documents to University.
    After collecting the documents from RAC submit the document to University Examination department and get the attestation from University.
  5. Submission of Original document again to RAC
    After collecting the attested document from University submit the document to RAC again they will verify the University Attestation and provides the HRD attestation finally.
Uttar Pradesh HRD Attestation

Time Taken to get HRD Attestation in Uttar Pradesh

Due to the need for various submissions and collections from diverse institutions, obtaining HRD attestation is expected to require approximately 30 working days.

Cost of getting HRD Attestation

It is challenging to pinpoint the precise cost of obtaining HRD Attestation, as each Regional Attestation Center (RAC) imposes distinct fees, and the verification fees for each university also vary. Taking into account all associated expenses, such as travel, food, and time, the overall cost is estimated to range between 6000 – 8000₹.

Document Required to Get HRD attestation

  1. Original Document that you need to get HRD attestation. Degree, Transcript, Etc 
  2. Passport Photocopy first and last information page
  3. 2 passport size photographs
  4. Application form ( can be obtained at RAC center )


How can I get HRD attestation in Uttar Pradesh?

HRD is Human Resource Department attestation. Also known as State Attestation for educational documents. HRD Attestation is done by the Secretary of the state from where the documents are issued.
Below are the departments that can help you in getting HRD Attestation 

  • Under Secretary, HRD, Secretariat, Lucknow
  • Special Secretary, General Administration Department, Secretariat, Lucknow
  • Joint Secretary, Department of Higher Education
  • Under Secretary, Department of Higher Education

Apply for HRD Attestation by registering in HRD Application form 

How do I attest my HRD degree certificate?

HRD Attestation is also known as state Attestation. This attestation will be done by the Uttar Pradesh state government which issued the original document. HRD Attestation is done for Educational documents only.

You need to contact your secretary of state for HRD Attestation 

You can start your HRD Application Here

Can HRD attestation be done online?

Yes HRD Attestation can be online by registering for HRD Attestation. However you need to courier, submit the Original documents in order to get HRD Attestation because Secretary of Uttar Pradesh state will only accept original hard copy for attestation 

 Below are the documents needed

  1. Original Educational document 
  2. Passport Photocopy ( first and last information page )
  3. 2 Passport size photographs 

What is the time of HRD attestation process?

HRD Attestation time varies depending on the state in which the document is issued. Generally the state government takes 20 working days to complete the HRD Attestation.
Some states even take 45 working days also.

Below are the steps involved in HRD Attestation by the State

  1. State secretary will accept the application 
  2. Send the documents to university for verification 
  3. University examination department will verify and attests the document 
  4. Based on University seal Secretary of State will do HRD Attestation

If you are living in a different city / State  than the document issuing city/ State. Then it will be really difficult for you to get the HRD attestation because you will need to travel to and from multiple times to get HRD attestation, practically it will be not possible if you are a working.
If you are facing such Issue then you can request us to get the HRD attestation for you by registering in Below form.

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