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Process to get Indian Marriage Certificate attestation in UAE

Indian Marriage Certificate attestation in UAE  is a legalisation process for Indian marriage certificates. Legislation is a process of making any Indian issued documents legal for other countries.

There are 2 kinds of countries when it comes to Legalisation Process 

  1. Hague countries – Apostille from Indian MEA is needed to legalise the documents 
  2. Non Hague country ( UAE is part of Non hague countries ) – Attestation from MEA and UAE Embassy in India is needed to legalise the documents

4 Simple steps to get MEA Attestation on your Documents 

  1. Register on Attestation Portal 
  2. Collect all  Documents you want to Apostille 
  3. Submit the Original / Photocopies of documents
  4. Receive Documents with Attestation Directly to your home

Why Do You Need Attestation for the Marriage Certificate ?

You need attestation for Indian Marriage certificate in UAE for different purposes, Generally it is used for the following purposes

  1. To use within UAE – to bring family under dependent visa  or for Tourist VISA
  2. To use outside UAE –  to Travel outside UAE with family

To Use indian Marriage certificate in UAE

Indian Marriage certificate attestation in UAE is a mandatory process for anyone who is bringing their family on dependent visa or tourist visa. Anyone travelling to the UAE needs to attest their relevant documents by the UAE Embassy in India.

Indian Embassy in UAE will not be able to help you with Marriage certificate attestation in UAE. Attestation should be done in India by MEA( Ministry of External Affairs )

What are the steps to get UAE Embassy Attestation?

Below are the Steps to get indian Marriage certificate attestation  in UAE 

  1. Collect the original Marriage certificate from the registrar.
  2. Collect passport scan copies/ Photocopies of both Husband and wife 
  3. Fill the online UAE Attestation registration form
  4. Send or courier the Document to the Office address 
  5. Once received Documents will be attested by MEA and UAE Embassy in Delhi 
  6. After the processing Receive the documents to your address directly.

Below are the process we will follow to get UAE embassy attestation for your Marriage certificate 

There are 4 Main Attestations that will be done for your documents 

  1. Notary Attestation
  2. SDM Attestation 
  3. MEA Attestation 
  4. UAE Embassy Attestation 

Step – 1) Notary Attestation – First the Marriage certificate will be submitted to do a preliminary verification for the document. After the verification is done the document will be attested by the Notary 

Step – 2) SDM Attestation – SDM is Sub divisional Magistrate. They will do a background check on the document once it proves that the document is genuine, It will get SDM Attestation 

Step – 3) MEA Attestation – This is the highest authority from India which attests the document after thoroughly verifying the details of the document. This attestation approves that the seal and the signature in the document are genuine and given by the rightful authority.

Step – 4) UAE Embassy attestation – Any document issued in India which is being used in the UAE needs this attestation. This is the final step that needs to be done for the document. The Original Indian Marriage certificate is submitted to the UAE embassy for Legalisation Process. 

Once above attestations are done, You will be able to use the document in UAE for any purpose. You can submit it to any government office.

Travelling Outside UAE

If you are travelling outside the UAE then you might need an Apostille or embassy attestation for your Indian marriage certificate depending on the travelling country. As explained earlier for Hague countries you need an apostille from MEA india. For non Hague countries you need attestation from MEA and Embassy attestation.

Apostille indian Marriage certificate in UAE for Hague countries

If you are travelling from UAE to any Hague countries you need Apostille from The Ministry of external affairs Indian 

The Indian Consulate in UAE will not be able to get you the Apostille on your marriage certificate. Complete process of Apostille will be done in India 

How to get Apostille for Indian Marriage certificate in UAE 

Below is the Process to Get apostille for Indian Marriage certificate in UAE 

  1. Collect the Registrar issued Original Marriage Certificate
  2. Collect the Passports of both Husband and wife
  3. Fill the online Marriage certificate Apostille form 
  4. Send / Courier the Original documents to Office address 
  5. Once the documents are received Apostille will be done by MEA 
  6. Get the documents directly delivered to your home

Below are the attestation you will receive once you submit the document for Apostille 

  1. Notary Attestation 
  2. SDM Attestation 
  3. MEA Attestation 
  4. Apostille Attestation 

Starting 3 steps already explained now the final step which is apostille attestation is done by MEA india in Delhi.

Apostille is a square sticker that is pasted on the backside, it has all the following details 

  1. Issued to – Your Name
  2. Signed By 
  3. Authorised by 
  4. Apostille Date 
  5. Unique ID 

If you are travelling from UAE to another non hague nation like Qatar, Thailand, Malaysia kuwait you need to get Embassy attestation from the embassy of the travelling country. This embassy attestation has to be done in India. For example if you are travelling to Qatar from UAE you need to get Qatar embassy Attestation in India since the marriage certificate is from India.

What is the Validity of the Marriage certificate apostille attestation

It is generally considered as 6 months validity for the attestation. However when submitting to different countries they have specific rules. Some countries accept apostille / Attestation done up to 1 year old. it’s better to check with the authorities.

The Apostille, and Attestation process are a little complicated and involve many minute differences in the process. It’s always better to speak to the executive before taking any big step towards attestation. Apostille attestation contact

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