What's Apostille

An Apostille is simply a certification of Document issued by a legal or registered authority in a country. If a document is Apostilled it shows that the document is verified and is legal to use in the country to which it is Apostilled. For each country there is a different Apostille. List  of countries where the Apostille is Accepted are known as Hague nation.

Apostille Procedure

Aims to simplify legalizing the documents issued in any country by a registered or recognised institute. Once a document is apostilled it is recognised or considered legal in countries listed in Hague countries including India, countries which are part of Hague convention does not  require to legalize the document.

MEA Approval

Only Ministry of External Affairs India  has right to attest or apostille your document which are issued in India or issued by Indian State. Since there are thousands or lakhs of documents Apostilled Everyday it becomes hard for government to handle such kind of work. On 1st March, 2012 MEA announce to outsource the the process.

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