Medical Certificate Apostille

There are many documents issued as proof for something. Medical Certificate is one of them. An attestation for given document is necessary at various stages of anyone’s personal and professional life. Officially this is called as Apostille. This provides health benefits from employer and has Insurance claim as well. Usually the medical certificate with apostille stamp is needed when it is used in HCCH member countries. Thus, the Hague convention policy demands the medical certificate with apostille. If apostillation is done then the document is said to be true and allowed in other countries. With this stamp, there is recognition given by other country’s MEA (Ministry of External Affairs).

What is Medical Certificate Apostille and why it is required?

It is the kind of health certificate provided in the form of written statement from a doctor or any other medically assured health care, this includes complete health details about a patient. It can work as a sensitive paper document or proof for the health condition of the patient. Usually, to say whether the person is fit and fine for any purpose medical certificate is essential. Only if the person is medical approved well he can work better. Within the country or state just any medical certificate from consulted doctor is enough but in case of any foreign countries, the apostilled documents are considered as trust ones.

Apostille meaning and its importance for any document:

An Apostille is a sticker stamp of square shape which has 11 fields in it. It is a unique stamp which is to be pasted on the given documents like a sticker. On the top side there will be text as APOSTILLE. Along with the additional information and apostille certificate will be placed on the backside of documents itself.

Purpose of Apostille for Medical Certificate:

  •  To claim medical insurance
  • To claim medical advantages and from government / organisation
  • To provide cause for any long term or short term absence
  •  To get leave salary and leave extensions

Procedure for Medical Certificate Apostille in detail:

Usually, for any Medical Certificate Apostille procedure submission to EAS is the beginning step
followed by the three steps mentioned below:

1. Notary Stamp 

 2. COC/ SDM/HD Stamp 

3. Apostille from MEA

1. Notary: Coming to the notary, this is the initial step. The given certificates must be overviewed by Notary, by attesting them with sticker and sign. This is like an approval for further steps. 

2. COC/ SDM/HD Stamp: Usually for medical certificate the candidate can achieve the departmental stamp personally from Home department/ SDM/COC as mentioned in above chart. Further it is forwarded to MEA. It is self-governing and functions individually. 

3. MEA: The apostille stamp is obtained from MEA. This is the final step of the complete procedure. But, there is no need for candidate to go the MEA. Instead, they can submit Medical certificate to RPO or EAS to get apostille stamp. EAS is the accountable consultancy which gives accurate attestation of documents in quickest time possible

What documents are required to get an apostille on Medical Certificate?

The apostille stamp is to be printed on the original medical certificate. All the information provided on it such as seals and signs must be clear and readable. Mainly, it must not contain any casual markings. Thus, the documents required are

: • Original Medical Certificate

 • Valid Medical Certificate from known hospital 

• Any civil copy such as passports 

• 2 passport size pictures

How much time it takes to get a Medical Certificate Apostille?

Medical Certificate Apostille is somewhat similar to Death Certificate Apostille and multi-step process. It is seen by Home Ministry/SDM/COC. Finally, the MEA provides apsotillation on the Medical Certificate. Usually, it depends upon the medical certificate issued place. Thus, it may take about a week. But, using the Medical Certificate Service Provider, it can be done in much lesser time.

Accuracy of the Medical Certificate Apostille:

It is very important for any document to be accurate for commercial and personal documents. Medical certificate is one such important to prove ones health condition. This accuracy is provided only with the high professionals such as apostille service providers.

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