Online Application Form for Saudi Visa

This article provides the details for filling of Online Application form for Saudi Arabia.

To fill the Online Application Form for Saudi Visa:

  • To fill the Online Application Form, make sure you enter the details in capital letters(caps). The information you enter should be as per your passport this includes your full name.
  • For the payment of visa, you should deposit an amount of $14 through Enjaz.
  • Make sure your photograph appears clear and is in the same size which is requested for the online application of Enjaz website.
  • Check your passport thoroughly, it should not contain any previous valid Saudi visas. This step is necessary before you take your passport to Saudi Arabia Consulate.
  • You would be given a Visa Authorization Number from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Follow this number carefully, to choose between single or multiple entry visas.

Small and minute mistakes while following these steps can result in rejection of your Visa Application. So keep these steps in mind!

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