Police Clearance Certificate Apostille

How to get PCC ( Police Clearance Certificate ) Apostille from MEA?

Police Clearance Certificate can be issued by Passport Office or Local Police of State Government. It’s always better to apply PCC ( Police Clearance Certificate ) from Passport office only. So once you receive Police Clearance Certificate from Passport office, you need to follow the below steps.

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What is apostille?

Apostille is a way of verifying the documents whether they are given from genuine authority or not. Nowadays anyone can make fake documents. The country you are travelling will ask you to get apostille because authorities wants to to make sure that you are submitting the original documents.
The Apostille is done by Ministry of external affairs only. This is the highest level of authentication for any document. Once you submit the documents for authentication your documents will go through many concerned departments to make sure that the document is genuine.

Reasons why we need Police Clearance Certificate Apostille:

Police clearance certificate is a proof of no criminal charges against your name and it is given by Passport office  in india.
PCC is a key document for foreign country for criminal background check.
Most of the countries ask for PCC apostille. 

Procedure to get Police Clearance Certificate Apostille

Getting PCC apostille is not so complicated like other documents Birth certificate, marriage certificate or degree certificate.
Since PCC is given by Passport authority there is no state verification required. PCC can be directly apostilled from MEA.
All you need to do is follow the steps given in this page 
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What is the validity of PCC apostille

All the apostilled documents regardless which authentication is made(State or SDM) is valid only for 6 months.
If your Apostille is 6 months old then you need to get new apostille.

Can I directly deposite my documents to MEA

Unfortunately no… 
Till 2012 citizens of India were used to deposite the documents directly to MEA for apostille. But the number of these documents were escalated rapidly from 2012. It was difficult for MEA to keep track of all these documents. So in order to make things simple MEA outsourced document collection and destribution to us.
However, only MEA has authority to apostille the documents .

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Steps involved in Apostille

Apostille has following details..

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