How to get apostille for power of attorney

Power of attorney is process where a single person (who owner of Plot, Flat. Land or Any Proprietor) group or organisation gives the right to take the decision on his behalf for doing the needful process.

In today’s world of business Power of attorney  as it is called is used in the Maximum Level in all business The first two are most used ones: The LPA stand for limited power to use the authority on the process.

General power of attorney where a total control of the process (EG land, property, Bank account and medical) in the fields and in Medical Fields In nutshell a person giving an authority to trustworthy person to take decision on his behalf in his absence. Today modern days transaction Power of attorney (Power of attorney  as it Known) is used in many ways.

There are 4 types of power of attorney. LPA, General, Durable and Springing

People staying abroad for any purchase or sale of property, when they are not able to come here to India they can appoint an individual as Power of attorney  and the courts of the land want the POA docs to Apostilled 

As on today many medical surgery are done in India in which people come here for surgery as liver transplant and cornea the transplant which requires lot of work from Power of attorney  Point of view. So the documents need to Apostilled.

The documents related to all legal transfer for banks for people staying aboard they require POA  to be Apostilled required as per the courts of the land. You can appoint a lawyer for the same for both the LPA and general.

Listed are the Advantages of the Power of attorney  with Apostille.

Power of attorney  as on today has become very important for all foreign business. Be it Spain in Europe or UAE in Gulf, to Gabon in Africa. The Power of attorney  requires the Apostille for the purposes 

1) The Power of attorney  requires apostilling for MOU and articles of Association for the company to function its business

2) Power of attorney  with the apostille is required for the licensing of the company. This is for the directors of the company who would not be able to travel extensively.

POA  needs to be signed by the applicant in front of Consular officer and needs to be witnessed by 2 individuals with their name and address and valid passport (passport details in full) all points to be mentioned clearly in POA . The witness needs to sign in front of the consular officer and they should not be a part of the POA . Even the witness needs to give all the original documents and sign and self-attested copies of the Documents.

If the Applicants has any cases pending in courts of the country, for the POA  he needs to provide a copy of Court cases for review to the Consular officer.

If a person selling or buying the property and he is not able to be present here he needs to give the Power of attorney  for the said property, Once he give his authority to someone he need to Prepare the POA and then Apostille it (If he is abroad ) and get it attested from the Indian Embassy/Consulate.

All corporate affairs related documents and process need POA  which certainly need legal advice and also the Stamping of documents and details of process for the agreement on Joint ventures and details need to be documented and Apostilled.  

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