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Procedure To Get UAE Embassy Attestation

UAE Embassy Attestation is a process of getting Attestation for the documents from UAE embassy in India. UAE embassy located in delhi will do this Attestation for any Documents which are legally issued in India. Documents such as Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Educational documents will be attested by UAE Embassy. UAE embassy Attestation Process Steps 1) Registration for UAE Embassy Attestation  2) Submission of relevant original documents 3) Making the payment at UAE embassy 4) Collecting the documents from UAE Embassy.

UAE Embassy Attestation

Embassy means when a foreign government whose one department is working in some other country enhances the relationship between the two countries. The document can be from any category that is personal, educational, or commercial. This simple process of stamping is known as UAE Embassy Attestation.

However, stamping is not done by a single authority for the attestation of documents. There are multiple authorities that do the attestation process. The attestation legalizes a document that can be used in any foreign country without any need for further verification. All the details that are mentioned in the certificate are regarded as true and correct. An attested document can be used in more than one country till its validity.

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Why Does A Person Want To Get UAE Embassy Attestation?

There are many reasons for which a person may need an embassy attestation:

Get UAE Embassy Attestation in India

What Are The Essential Documents That A Person May Require For The UAE Embassy Attestation?

Some of the essential documents for the UAE Embassy attestation are given below.

  • Original Marriage/Degree/Birth/PCC certificates.
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s passport.

A photocopy of the candidate’s License as address proof.

Steps Involved For The Attestation Of Birth/Marriage/Degree/PCC For The UAE Attestation

There are some steps that are necessary to follow for the attestation of documents:

  • Notary Attestation: In the first step, all the documents are shown to the notary. All the certificates are examined carefully by the notary. When the notary finds all the documents satisfactory then, a stamp and signature are put on the certificates for attestation.
  • SDM/State Attestation: Moving ahead, the documents are presented either to the SDM or State for attestation. The working of both departments is the same. In both places, documents are verified with other supporting documents. When the department believes the certificate is real and the information is true, then they attest to the certificate.

The time taken by the State attestation is generally three-four working weeks. However, the SDM attestation takes only seven to ten days. So, select SDM attestation for faster results. State attestation should be selected only when it is important or when the country where the documents are to be shown has specified it.

  • Ministry of External Affairs: Being one of the most important steps in the attestation process. All the major and supporting documents are submitted to the Ministry of External Affairs. All the certificates are studied attentively keeping every small detail in mind. When the MEA finds the document genuine, then a stamp along with a signature is done on the documents so that it can be used internationally.
  • UAE Embassy Attestation: This is the final step in the attestation process. Here all the documents that are asked for by the embassy are given and also a fee is submitted that varies from one country’s embassy to another. All the documents are scanned carefully while taking care of each detail. After finding all the documents valid and correct, stamping on all the documents is finished.
Procedure To Get UAE Embassy Attestation

Is the UAE embassy attestation for PCC a simple or a complicated process?

The complete procedure that is generally done for Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is the same that a person does for a birth certificate attestation for UAE, marriage certificate attestation for UAE, and degree certificate attestation for UAE. There are no added steps for the UAE embassy attestation and it is quite simple if a person finds a genuine attestation service that guides them properly.

How much time does it take to get the UAE embassy Attestation for the documents?

The time for the attestation of documents may increase if the application for attestation is more and may also decrease in case the files are fewer. So, the time depends on various factors as the country’s embassy may take more time to verify. However, the time that is generally taken for the complete attestation of documents is 15-20 days.

How much money a person has to pay for the Attestation of documents?

There are a few charges that the applicant has to pay for the UAE Embassy attestation as there are many steps involved. Although, there is no fixed cost that is attached with the attestation/apostille of documents. There are many aspects that change the cost such as the embassy fees, the charges taken at every level of attestation, the number of documents, the type of documents, and also the charges that the apostille service will take.          

Can any person go and get the attestation of documents done?

The attestation of documents is to be done by the attestation services and no random person can go and get the attestation done. Before 2012, the authorities used to allow every person to come for the attestation of documents but due to some reasons the authorities now do not allow any person except the attestation service provider. So Register for UAE Embassy Attestation to get complete information.

What is the validity of the attested document?

The validity for an attested document in most cases is 6 months. Moreover, there are certain countries that accept attested certificates that are more than 6 months old. In addition to this, there are a few countries that even take attested documents that are a year old. So, the actual validity of a document depends on the country where the document is to be shown. It is better to Contact apostille service provider about the attestation validity of the document.


How can I get attestation from the UAE Embassy?

UAE embassy Attestation is done by the UAE embassy in India.

Below are the steps to get UAE embassy Attestation

  1. Get Document  Notary Attested 
  2. Get Attestation from Sub Divisional Magistrate ( SDM )
  3. Get MEA Attestation from MEA Delhi
  4. Submit original document with all the above attestation to UAE Embassy
  5. Collect document wit UAE Embassy Attestation

What is the attestation rate of UAE Embassy?

For UAE Embassy Attestation you should get Notary Attestation, SDM Attestation, MEA Attestation, UAE Embassy Attestation. The fees for UAE Embassy Attestation including fees of all attestation before that will cost you 8000₹ Exclusive of Tax

What is the attestation process of the Embassy?

Attestation process for UAE as follows

  1. Notary Attestation ( in Your locality )
  2. SDM Attestation ( in Your locality )
  3. MEA Attestation from MEA Delhi 
  4. UAE embassy attestation from UAE Embassy Delhi

What attestation is required for UAE from India?

If you are travelling to UAE you must obtain all the below seals in order to be accepted in UAE 

Notary Attestation, SDM Attestation, MEA Attestation ( Delhi ), UAE Embassy Attestation ( Delhi )

Register for Embassy Attestation

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