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Spanish Translation Services

As the technology is improvising day by day there are number of challenges faced by thousands of industries and businessman in each and every aspect. For the growth of any industry there must be a strong internal relationship and communication between the two countries which mainly depends on the language of the two respective countries. This purpose is served by translation service.

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Go to Translation Process Directly

Relation between India and Spain

Relations between India and Spain have been cordial since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1956. Spain is India’s 7th largest partner in the European Union. The top exports to Spain from India are textiles, organic chemicals, iron and steel , seafood , auto mobiles and leather.
India’s major imports at mechanical appliances, electrical machinery , chemicals , plastic and mineral fuels. Indian community forms a very small percentage of the immigrant population of Spain . It is our pride that Indian community is peaceful and respectable. This definitely makes way for the translation services.

Purpose of Spanish Translation Services:

Spanish is one among the business languages, it has high demand in Rome. Even though English is the most widely used language, it is necessary to translate it into the respective country languages. Any language cannot be translated exactly by normal means. It is possible only with the help of professional translator, which is nothing but a translation service. Only translator can provide the perfect touch for any attestation of documents . This ensures that the words or documents are not only translated literally, but also in their actual meanings and notations.
Translation to Spanish requires skill to translate any document, which is wisely done by Spanish Translation services which are at huge number these days. It is the responsibility of any service provider to provide service reliably and are answerable to any further issues. Thus, the main purpose of these are to provide the documents or reports with accurate and perfect translation.

Who can translate the documents to Spanish?

It is wise to choose a professional company for precision. Because, accuracy and legalisation of any document is the main key to translation. Thus, it is highly advisable to go with translation services rather than any other mode of translations.

Types of Spanish Translation Services:

Translation of documents has also several types in it as follows:

  • Certified Spanish Translation Service:

The translator is certified by an authority to translate the documents or true copies from one language to another without any change in the meaning or content. Each translated document will be attached with the Certificate of Translation issued by respective authority. 

  • Notarized Spanish Translation Service:

Similar to that of Certified Spanish Translation,  here any representative of the company or official translator has to take an oath or sign in front of the notary for the given documents to prove that the documents are true to the best of their knowledge and accurate as the original source. This type is called as Notarized  Translation Service. The language used here is the mutual exchange of English and Spanish.

Any official documents or true copies in Spain require Sworn translation. Any official translator in Spain must be certified by a Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This Sworn or authorized status of theirs allows them to produce official translation from Spanish to English( vice-versa) for use within Spain.

The Spanish Translation is accompanied by statement from translator, their signature and stamp,this ensures that the documents are valid through out the Spain and commercial organisations as well. 

All these above types of Translation are provided for following documents such as:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Driver licence
  • Academic certificates 
  • Bank statements
  • Passports 
  • Business documents and identity documents  

ISO certification:

The ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) is an independent, non-governmental organisation that develops standards to ensure quality, safety and efficiency of products, services and systems. As the name itself suggests, it is an organisation that creates and publishes the industry standards with the intention to respond to the satisfaction of customers. 

Who issues the ISO certification?

 The certification is issued by certification/registration bodies called Registrars or CB’s. 

Importance of ISO : If your organisation gets certified with ISO, the quality of the product can be increased which helps for the betterment of organisation in building business processes. ISO 9001 is not specific to translation or localisation of industries but, it does certify that there are well documented processes. 

ISO 17100 is the new internationally recognised standards for companies within translation industries. This considers the processes essential for providing translation services. This defines translator, their technical sources and quality of the service.

How to know the type of translation?

The transmission of written text from one language(source) to another(text) is called as translation.

  1. Technical Translation: This type of translation is needed for the purpose of marketing of products in other countries. This translation involves the data sheets, user manuals, maintenance procedures or system design requirement procedures and so. Thus the Spanish Translation is much needed for this type of industries.
  2. Legal Translation: the document is firstly translated, then certified by notary and finally legalized by Legislation office to obtain or provide Apostille of the translation. This includes certain documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, visas and much more. Based on the documents provided for the translation we can identify the type of the translation required for the respective documents.

Accuracy of the Spanish Translation Service:

The main factor for translation is the accuracy which is the key for any kind of attestation or localisation of the documents. Accuracy ensures that the content is precised. Any other mode of translations may not give satisfactory results,  which is not going to happen in the case of highly professional translators. Thus, it is better to rely upon the Spanish Translation Services for more accurate results.

Frequently asked questions

For translation we don’t require original documents.

We need proper scan copies to translate the document into required language 

The Proper translation process requires – days of time. There will be initial translation and this initial draft will be checked and rechecked with 2 efficient translators. A slight different word will change complete meaning of the sentence. That’s why the care is taken and that takes 2-3 days.

we provide ISO certified Translation and Sworn Translation which are accepted by all embassies around the word.

We provide the most transparent service 

Once the draft is made this draft is share with you for checking with the spelling of name and and date translation.

Once you confirm that the translation is correct then only we will proceed further for certification.

Our support lasts till the embassies accept the translation.

Any query after the translation is delivered to you will be sorted out quickly.

If you have any further questions or need more clarification, feel free to call us at 7406384899