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Temporary Residence Permit for Saudi Arabia

This article provides the temporary residence permit for Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Temporary Residence Permit

If you are employed to a company in Saudi Arabia as an outsider in Saudi Arabia you need to get the Temporary Residence Permit(Iqama) from the government.

As an employee belonging to a company which is established in Saudi Arabia, you don’t have to worry about getting a temporary permit from the government. Your employer or the company will take care of this.

You just need to have an appropriate VISA, in your case, it is a work visa.

Once you are in Saudi, you need to contact your company’s HR department who will handle all the matters regarding expat settlement in Saudi Arabia.

You need to get your health checked up before asking your HR department to proceed with the Iqama. Since your local insurance is covered by the company you don’t need to worry about insurance. You will then be assigned a border number.

Temporary Residence VISA for dependents:

To initiate your residence as soon as you reach Saudi so that your family follows you:​

Below are the needed documents:​