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Things to do before going to abroad

Going abroad may it be for work or for studies it is really a big decision someone has to take.

Leaving your hometown or leaving loved once basically leaving your comfort zone is only for the brave ones. Most of Indians go to abroad mainly in search of better job prospects, better standard of living and better work-life balance which are still luxury in India.

Going abroad is bold and best decision for someone who has prepared for it it will be the worst decision for someone who hasn’t prepared for it. This article will help you to understand the procedure, plan according and organize things so that everything moves in safe smooth manner.

There is a saying “you start going to abroad 6 months earlier than your flight date”

  • First things first create a folder in google drive or any other online storage service and store all your VISA documents, checklists, agreements, I mean every piece of paper that feels even a little bit of important, store IT!!! The only thing you are going to regret leaving a small shitty paper that is required to get job or apartment or health insurance.
  • Create a corner or a seperate room in your existing room where you will keep things that will only be carried out to abroad.

Once the above 2 things are done you are ready to go. Sorry ready to prepare for going.

Try to be a legal immigrant – VISA documents

Most of the countries have general documents that must be there with you for getting a visa but for some countries documents are little bit different, know these difference and prepare accordingly.

Below are the general documents applies to almost all countries.

  • Valid passport of all you family members travelling with you.
  • Invitation letter from the company you will work for in abroad
  • Booked flight ticket
  • A personal bank statement indicating your financial movements (for at least 3 last months)
  • Travel and health insurance covered.
  • Make the documents legal most people forget this step and will get into serious trouble Read all things on making( documents legal Apostille Procedure In 3 Simple Steps | Apostille Service.) Get your documents apostille before leaving you can apply. marriage , degree, birth certificates make them all legal for the country your travelling.
  • Confirmed accommodation.
  • Contract from the company you will work for.
  • If you want to drive in other country check the rules in other country regarding your license.
  • Obtain a telephone number for other country.
  • Refer this site specifically for Poland. Navigate to post admission ad pre departure tabs.This is not only for students for everyone.

Put all these in the folder we mentioned earlier.

Settle all the things in your hometown.

  • File your taxes or tax returns before leaving.
  • Ask your kids school for school leaving certificate.
  • If you are living on rent inform your landlord when you will be leaving.If you own home sell it or sent it(prefered) tell them when they can occupy the house.
  • Visit local post office to re-route your courier to new destination.
  • Most of the things in your present house you cannot carry so its better you plan to send these back to your parents or friends or relatives home or sell it on OLX or some selling firm.This will also give you some extra amount.
  • Contact you bank for further actions that needs tobe taken before moving to abroad.enquire about the global account they provide and check for the prices.
  • Cancel all the newspaper subscriptions.
  • Settle all the dues, Telephone, TV, Other services that you don’t need anymore and ask them to cancel the service and you don’t need it anymore.

If you are travelling to Germany or Poland or to Europe refer this page for each and every checklist for Europe . Navigate to pre departure checklist for Europe.

Happy Packing