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Top 5 Benefits of Legal Translation Documents when you are going abroad

Are you planning to travel to a foreign country? If yes, then ensure that all the documents are certified and translated to make the visa procedure smoother and faster. The documents that are to be presented in the foreign country must have the same language. The documents can be marriage certificates, single status certificates, birth certificates, commercial papers, or any education certificates. For instance, documents that are in Spanish, German, or Hindi are essential to get translated into English to present them in the U.S.A. The translation of documents is done by a sworn translator.

The translation makes it easier for the country to understand the details that are presented in the document. There are many benefits that a person gets if the documents are translated properly as all the information is to be provided in a foreign country and all the documents are to be used in some legal work. If there will be any mistake or language barrier then there are chances that the process might get delayed or get some objection from the foreign country.

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Explain sworn Translator.​​

A sworn translator is an individual who translates a document into another language and also takes legal and criminal responsibility that the translated information is accurate and authentic. A swear is taken by the translator before translating the document, the process of taking a swear is different in all countries. For instance, In the UK a translator need not have to go to court for taking a swear. 

The sworn translator takes full responsibility for the information that he/she has provided in the translated document. A person might require to visit a sworn translator many times when it comes to document translation. They know that it is important that the document is legalized  and also understand better the requirements that each country has for the legal translation of documents.  Usually, to present a document in a foreign country, some countries ask for a translation of documents. So at that time, it becomes necessary for a person to get documents translated.

Is there any benefit of getting documents translated? ​​

There are several benefits that a person gets after the documents get translated into the official language of the country where that individual is traveling. However, let’s see the top 5 benefits of legal translation documents when you are going abroad but ensure that the legal translation of documents is done by a genuine translator that knows the language well. 

  • Makes the complete procedure faster: Translators know the language well and how to present the document in a foreign country. The legal system to present a document differs for every country. So, if you have the documents that need quick action then make sure that you hire the best experts. The experts know the proper guidelines on how to make the document more precise.  This makes the work much faster and more efficient. So, register for Translation to know more about legal translation documents.
  •  To get Apostille Stamp: It is essential that the document translation is done before submitting the document to MEA for the final attestation for the Hague Convention. As Ministry of External Affairs checks the document cautiously and if they found it correct and genuine then only the apostille stamp is placed. 

The MEA will see if the document is translated in an appropriate way or not. If it is not translated then, the stamp might get delayed and the procedure might need to be repeated. So, to avoid any delays it is important to get the document translated by an authentic translator who knows the language and also does the work errorlessly. 

  • Mandatory for some countries:  It is essential for some countries to have the documents in their native language to avoid language barriers and to make the work smoother.  It is not easy for authorities to translate all the documents in real time. So, for ease of work and to understand the document better, many countries have made the translation of documents mandatory. 

Moreover, many countries have a strict deadline to present a document so it makes it compulsory to provide the translated document at that time, otherwise, it may hamper the complete process. 

  • Adds reliability to the document: The translator knows the importance of the document. It is the routine work of the translator to work on all types of legal, commercial, educational, and all other documents. They know how to present the document in each and every country. 

So, when the document is translated by an expert translator then it adds reliability to the document as there are no misunderstandings and errors, which you might see if this is done by a person who does not have efficiency in legal translation documents. 

  • Translation makes the information precise: The language that is used by the translators is not vague and they write the content in a precise way. If this is done by an untrained person then there are chances that the foreign country may not understand the document better or if there are some mistakes in the documents. This will create delays in your work. 

When the documents are translated by an expert then they know better about the foreign country’s requirements and also know that in legal documents it is important to select correct words so they present all the information precisely and even avoid any punctuation, or syntax error.

What points to consider while selecting a translation service?​​

There are a few points that you should consider while choosing a translation service nearby.

  • Always select a certified translator for the document translation
  • The person should have expertise in legal translation documents to avoid any errors.
  • As all the documents that will be provided to the translator are important so ensure that they are kept safe. Otherwise, it might delay all the documentation work. 
  • The translator should have a good command of the language so that there are no mistakes and misunderstandings in the document. Contact for more details.

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Frequently asked questions

The service fee for translators depends on various factors including their experience, expertise, specialization, and the level of demand for their services. Some  translators charge a percentage of the total project cost as a service fee, while others might have fixed hourly rates. So, the service fees differs with the translation service provider. 

 Generally it will cost between 1000₹ to 2500₹ for standard documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, degree certificate.

In India translation service rates can be relatively lower compared to some other countries. , freelance translators might charge around INR 1 to 5 per word or more, depending on their expertise and the nature of the content.

Time depends on 

how much content is there to translate. More content more time 

How busy is the translator 

what document of translation ( general document, legal document, scientific document )

generally for standard documents such as birth marriage degree it will take 2 days to get final copy with certificate of translation.

Official document translation typically requires a certified translator who is authorized to provide official translations. These documents are often used for legal, immigration, or official purposes. You can find certified translators through translation agencies or professional translation organizations. The exact process can vary depending on your location and the requirements of the receiving party.