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Process of getting UAE Embassy Attestation in Chennai

UAE embassy attestation in Chennai is a process of getting Attestation from the UAE embassy for Visa or commercial process.It is Mandatory to get Birth certificates, Marriage certificate, Police clearance certificate, Degree certificate and commercial documents attested by the UAE embassy depending on the type of visa you are travelling under.

Why do you Need Certificate Attestation for UAE in Chennai?

UAE Embassy attestation is also known as the Legalisation process. Legalisation process aims to verify the authenticity of submitted documents. Hence before using any documents in UAE the legalisation process has to be completed in India. Once the document is legalised then it is considered as a legal document in UAE. UAE embassy attestation verifies that the Seal and the signature present on the document are Original and issued by the correct authority.

4 Simple steps to get Embassy Attestation on your Documents 

  1. Register on Embassy Attestation Portal 
  2. Collect all  Documents you want to Attest 
  3. Submit the Original / Photocopies of documents
  4. Receive Documents with Embassy Attestation  Directly to your home

What is the process of getting UAE Embassy attestation in Chennai

Below are the steps to get UAE Embassy attestation in Chennai 

  1. Collect all the original documents that you want to get Attested for UAE.
  2. Collect the supporting documents such as aadhar card, Passport copy 
  3. Register on the UAE Embassy attestation portal
  4. Submit / Courier the Original documents along with supporting documents to provided address 
  5. After submission the documents will go in to multiple levels of verification and finally UAE Embassy attestation will be done
  6. After completion of Attestation the documents with attestation will be delivered to the given address.

What documents are needed to get UAE Embassy attestation in Chennai?

  1. Original documents that you wish to get attestation 
  2. Supporting documents such as passport, Aadhar card. In case of commercial documents we need authorised personnel passport photocopy and PAN card of the company 
  3. In case of marriage certificate both husband and wife passport Photocopy needs to be submitted.

The Original documents that you need to submit depends on the the purpose or under which visa you are applying for

Work VISA for UAE 

For work visa qualification matters hence educational, Experience  documents are needed

Below are the documents you need to generally submit for UAE work visa

Degree Certificate attestation, Police clearance certificate attestation, Experience Letter Attestation, Medical Certificate attestation

Dependent Visa for UAE 

Only your Spouse and kids can become dependents, inorder prove your relationship 

You need to submit Marriage certificate attestation, Birth certificate attestation, Police clearance certificate attestation.

Commercial Purpose 

If you are selling a product or doing business in UAE you need to submit different documents 

Certificate of Origin


Packing lIst 

Certificate of incorporation 

Tourist visa for UAE 

For a tourist visa, if you are travelling with the family you need to submit a birth certificate and marriage certificate to show that you are related.

These are example listings please contact the UAE embassy to get exact requirements. 

When it comes to attestation process the documents are broadly divided into 2 categories 

  1. Personal documents ( birth, death, marriage, educational documents )
  2. Commercial documents ( COO, COI, AOA, MOU etc )

There is a different process for personal and commercial documents. 

What is the process involved in the Personal Document legalisation / Attestation process for UAE Embassy attestation in Chennai?

As per the UAE guidelines and Government of India rules, below are the verifications done to get UAE embassy attestation. There are 5 verification involved Namely Local Verification 

  1. Notary Attestation 
  2. SDM Attestation 
  3. MEA Attestation 
  4. UAE Embassy attestation 

Local Verification –  your personal documents will be verified by the authority which issued the document. For example,  birth registrar verification for birth certificate, marriage registrar verification for marriage certificate, University verification for degree certificate attestation.

The authorities will check whether there is an entry of the given document in their book. If available they will do the verification 

Notary Attestation – Notary public will do a preliminary verification of the document and attests the document.Preliminary verification includes whether the submitted document is original or not.

SDM Attestation –  SDM is Sub Divisional Magistrate. They will thoroughly verify the document and do a background verification of the document and put the SDM Attestation 

MEA Attestation  – MEA is the Ministry of External affairs, It is the highest government department which will attest the document for the use in foreign country. Once MEA attestation is done it means that the verification from India is complete and the document is ready to be submitted to the embassy for further verification.

UAE Embassy attestation – This is the final step in the document verification process on Indian Soil.after verification from MEA the documents are submitted to UAE embassy for the verification. The embassy does its own background check and does the attestation.

Once UAE embassy attestation is done the document can be used and submitted in UAE. It can be used for any purpose be it for company or government officials you can use it without any doubt of rejection.

What is the UAE embassy attestation process for commercial documents in Chennai?

Below are the steps involved in getting UAE Embassy attestation in Chennai for Commercial documents

  1. Submitting the  document to COC ( chamber of commerce ) for COC Attestation 
  2. Obtaining MEA Attestation from Ministry of External affairs 
  3. Finally submitting the document to UAE Embassy for Embassy attestation

COC is chamber of commerce, a government body assigned to deal with commerce; it verifies the commercial documents for its correctness and attests the documents.

After obtaining COC attestation the documents are submitted to Ministry of External affairs office for MEA Attestation 

After getting both the attestations the document is finally submitted to the UAE embassy for final UAE Embassy attestation.

Once you have all these attestation the document can be used for any commercial purpose in UAE.


There is another attestation done to both personal or commercial which is called as MOFA attestation. MOFA is the Ministry of foreign affairs. This attestation is done in Dubai hence it is also called as Dubai attestation. This is an optional requirement requested by the authority.

Check with the authority to whom you are submitting the documents whether MOFA is required or not before proceeding 

UAE Embassy attestation is a complicated process involving little verifications from process to process. It is always better to connect with us to get the UAE Embassy attestation in Chennai team before proceeding with the attestation Process.

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