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Get UAE Embassy Attestation in Mumbai

UAE embassy attestation in Mumbai is a process of getting UAE embassy attestation for documents issues in Maharashtra or throughout India. Anyone who is travelling to UAE or doing business in UAE needs to get UAE embassy attestation for their documents by UAE Embassy. 

What is UAE Embassy Attestation?

Attestation provided by the UAE Embassy for the purpose legalisation of documents ( commercial or Personal is Called UAE Embassy Attestation

Legalisation is a process of making any Documents issued in one country legal in another country.

Legalisation is broadly divided into 2 categories 

  1. Apostille process for countries that are part of Hague Convention.( European countries )
  2. Embassy Attestation for countries that are outside Hague convention ( UAE, Qatar etc )

UAE comes under 2nd category ( countries outside the hague convention)

4 Simple steps to get Embassy Attestation on your Documents 

  1. Register on Embassy Attestation Portal 
  2. Collect all  Documents you want to Attest 
  3. Submit the Original / Photocopies of documents
  4. Receive Documents with Embassy Attestation  Directly to your home

Why UAE Embassy Attestation in Mumbai is Needed.

Before going into the process of UAE embassy attestation we need to understand why we need UAE embassy attestation in Mumbai.

  1. UAE Embassy attestation is needed to legalise the Documents for UAE.
  2. Any documents with UAE embassy attestation are considered as  a genuine documents within UAE 
  3. UAE embassy attestation process removes fraudulent documents being used in UAE

How to get Certificate Attestation for UAE in Mumbai / Maharashtra for Personal documents

There are 5 steps in getting certificate attestation for UAE in Mumbai 

Local Verification – Verification by the Department which issued the original document such as Birth registrar for birth certificate, marriage registrar for marriage certificate, University for Degree Certificate.
Degree Attestation for UAE in Mumbai is needed for Work visa purposes. It is a mandatory document to get a work visa in the UAE.

Notary Attestation – Notary attestation is needed to verify the original documents details with the supporting document. For embassy attestation passport is considered as a supporting document

SDM Attestation – Also known as court verification, once Notary is done the document is submitted to SDM office for the attestation. 

MEA Attestation – MEA is Ministry of external affairs, after getting above verificatios the MEA will attest the documents on the  backside of the submitted documents.

UAE Embassy attestation Mumbai – Finally all the documents with Supporting documents will be submitted to Embassy for verification, Once the documents are verified the UAE embassy will attest the documents with its seal on the backside of the document.

How to get UAE Embassy Attestation in Mumbai / Maharashtra for Commercial documents

If you are doing business in UAE you might need UAE embassy attestation for some of your documents.

Documents such as 

  1. Incorporation certificate 
  2. Certificate of Origin 
  3. Invoice 
  4. Packing List
  5. GST Certificate 
  6. AOA – Article of association 
  7. MOU – Memorandum of Understanding

Without the UAE embassy attestation for above mentioned documents you cannot do business in UAE. You don’t need to attest all the documents but relevant document attestation is needed.

How to get UAE Embassy Attestation in Mumbai / Maharashtra for Commercial documents

Process of UAE embassy attestation for commercial documents has 4 main steps 

Local Verification of Commercial documents – Verification of documents by the authority which issued the document. Such as registrar of companies for Incorporation or GST certificate.

Chamber of commerce Verification – All commercial documents need to be attestation by the chamber of commerce for the use in foreign country specifically to the UAE.

MEA Attestation of Commercial document – Attestation by MEA will be done post COC verification. MEA India is responsible for the verification and authentication of certificates.

UAE Embassy attestation for Commercial documents  – Final step where all the documents get approval by the UAE embassy to do business or transaction in UAE.

Cost and Time needed for UAE Embassy attestation for certificate in Mumbai

Time & Cost take depends on following factors 

  1. Type of Documents ( Commercial or Personal )
  2. Issuing state or issuing Government department 

Generally UAE Embassy attestation will take 7-10 working days for both personal and commercial documents.

UAE MOFA Attestation Process in Mumbai

In some cases the authorities to whom you are submitting the documents will ask for MOFA attestation. MOFA is the Ministry of Foreign affairs attestation. It is Done in Dubai. We will send all your documents to Dubai and get the MOFA attestation. Check with the authority to whom you are submitting the documents whether they need MOFA as well.

UAE Embassy attestation is a little complicated process, It will be difficult for you to choose the right way and process. It is always better to contact UAE Embassy Service to get more clarity and right direction in getting UAE embassy attestation for your documents. 

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