Visa procedure for Saudi Arabia

This article provides the details of visa procedure for Saudi Arabia

Getting a work VISA for Saudi Arabia has two main parts associated with it.

  • Initiation from your employer.
  • Application from you.

Initiation from the Employer:

  • You need to have the proper visa to work in Saudi Arabia as required by immigration laws.
  • Before applying for a work permit you must secure job and then apply for work permit visa.
  • You need a valid job appointment letter from a company which is registered in Saudi Arabia.
  • The employer must secure/ initiate your work visa.This can be done by a Saudi citizen or a foreign entity appropriately licensed to do business in Saudi Arabia or owns a company in Saudi.
  • Your work visa must be initiated by your employer by registering in Ministry of Interior which will open an immigration file. This file will contain all the details of all expat employees registered with the particular employer.
  • Check whether the employer under whom you will be working for is registered with Saudi Arabia to do business in that country. If he/she is a registered employer, then only proceed further. You can directly ask them but first, do your online research regarding your employer.
  • Your employer has to prove to the Saudi Arabia Government that there is no one in Saudi Arabia to take up this job and you are the only suitable employee for this position.
  • Your employer then will register with the Ministry of Labour for the job you want to apply for. This is the longest step, this will take around 1-3 months so plan your things early.
  • When the Ministry of Labour approves the application it will intimate the Ministry of External Affairs to issue authorization number. This will take around 1-2 weeks.
  • Then the Saudi MEA will ask the Saudi embassy in India to allow application for this particular job. This is when you apply for VISA until this step you have no part to play.

Application from you:

Once you get the confirmation from the employer regarding the process completion then apply for work visa in the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in India.

Get these documents and things done:

  • A valid passport with at least 6 months to expiry date and at least 2 adjacent pages left for the visa.
  • Separate Electronic Authorization for each specialty.
  • Recent photographs, click here for specification of the photograph for Saudi Work Visa.
  • A filled application form (In capital letters) Click here for application form.
  • The note which should be used as a reference shows the number and the date of the employment visa issued from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in any of the branches in Jeddah or Dammam.
  • Invitation letter from the employer duly signed by the employer and with the company seal. Certified by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of External Affairs. The letter MUST indicate the block visa number, date, position and the name of your employer. If the letter is submitted through a visa service agency, the company should provide an authorization letter to the agent for completing all the requirements to get the visa with block visa number and date.
  • Certified, Notarized and Attested original degree or diploma or education documents required for the job and then these should be authorized by the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in India. Get Attestation and legalization for Saudi Arabia here.
  • A contract letter for the job duly signed by both the parties employer and the employee.
  • A medical report(3 copies) and a lab report(2 copies) certifying your fitness and stating that you are free of any contagious diseases along with 3 photographs. The general physician must sign each copy of the medical report. The general physician’s license number and address should be visible on all the copies of the medical form. The provided health reports are valid for 3 months from the issue date. Children under the age of 16 will not need a medical report.
  • Police Clearance Certificate issued by the concerned police department should be issued within 6 months of application with duly attested.
  • You need proper health insurance should be taken from saudi itself. VFS global will ask these requirement while applying for visa.

After getting all the documents you can apply for the visa using this link:

Make the Visa payment of 14 dollars in this official link.

You should submit undertaking by filling up this PDF.

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