What is State Attestation?

The documents issued such as educational, commercial or personal such as birth certificates are issued by a state registered organization or state department which has right to issue such document.

In order for you to use this kind of documents is another country you must get through a process called Apostille. Without Apostille your document will not be legal in another country, the consulate of the country or the institution you want to submit will simply reject the document without Apostille for not bearing Apostille on its back.

To get this apostille one must go through a process called state attestation where the state body which issued the document must put up a seal, Which signifies that this document is correct and is verified.

This is kind of a green signal for MEA to put its apostille on the back of the document without a hesitation or background check for correctness of the document.
So don’t forget to get state attestation before getting MEA apostille.

Steps to get state attestation for educational document:

  • Check for the document issuing state.
  • Contact secretariat of that state.
  • Submit the document to the secretariat office carry your passport copy with you for identity verification.
  • Pay the nominal fees, wait for 1 weeks or so Time depends on the state.
  • Personally collect the document or if someone is collecting on behalf of you give them the authorization letter on Rs. 20 bond paper.

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