How to Get Qatar Embassy Attestation in India

Attestation of documents is done so that the country where the documents are shown does not feel that the certificates are fake. If the documents are not attested then a lot of time is wasted in the verification of a document via a call, email, or message. To make the process faster for both the applicant and the country, attestation is needed. When a document is attested with the below-given process then the certificates are regarded as legal and valid.

Attestation is required for all personal, educational, and commercial documents. A few examples of a personal document are a birth certificate, marriage certificate, police clearance certificate, divorce certificate, and many more. Educational documents are generally required for a student visa or a work visa.

Qatar Embassy Attestation

A Qatar Embassy attestation is a valuable step for all those applicants who want to go to Qatar. The attestation process is not complete until a person gets the documents attested from the country where he/she is planning to go. Embassy attestation is an important step for all the countries that are not a part of the Hague Nation.

When the documents are attested from the Embassy, then there is no further requirement of any verification. The certificates are regarded as real. Basically, Embassy adds a stamp on the document that legalizes the certificate. The certificate is now used for all the related work in that country. It also ensures that all the information that is printed on the document is correct and true.

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Why A Person Requires The Qatar Embassy Attestation And What Major Documents Are Needed For That Visa?

There are many reasons for a person to get the Qatar Embassy Attestation. These are as follows:

  • A birth certificate attestation for Qatar is needed when an applicant is planning to go to Qatar and applied for a “Work Visa”.
  • A degree certificate attestation for Qatar is required for the candidates who have applied for the “Permanent Resident Visa”
  • A marriage certificate attestation for Qatar is essential for the individual who wants to get a “Family Visa”.
  • A Police Clearance Certificate is necessary for a person who applies for a “Study Visa”.

What Is The Exact Procedure That An Applicant Has To Follow For The Attestation Of The Documents?

There are 4 steps involved in the attestation process for an applicant who wants to visit Qatar. Let us discuss all of them in detail.

  • Notary Attestation: The attestation process begins at the notary. All the documents are presented for verification to the notary. The documents are checked carefully. When the notary feels the documents are correct and true. Then the certificates are attested with the signature and stamp.
  • State/SDM Attestation: This is a step where State or SDM attests the documents. In this, the documents are sent to any one of the departments that are State or SDM. Both departments check the document with utmost care. When the authorities are satisfied then they attest to the certificates with a stamp on them.

The time that is taken by the SDM for the attestation of documents is seven to ten days. On the other side, the State Department takes around three to four weeks to finish the attestation process. So, an individual should opt for SDM attestation in case he/she wants fast processing but if the country has asked for the State attestation then that should be done.

  • Ministry of External Affairs: This is one of the essential steps of the complete process. All the details that are presented on the certificate are verified carefully with the supporting documents. When the MEA founds all the certificates genuine and authentic then only the documents are attested by the Ministry of External Affairs.
  • Qatar Embassy Attestation: The step is generally for all the nations that are not a part of the Hague countries. The applicants have to provide all major and supporting documents to the Embassy to verify. Each detail is checked thoroughly to avoid any kind of mistake. When the Embassy feels that all the documents are real and all the printed information is 100% correct then the Embassy attests the document with a stamp and signs on it.
A legal Procedure to get Qatar Embassy Attestation.

What Is The Validity Of An Attested Document?

There is no fixed time period for the attested document to be regarded as valid. In maximum cases, a document is valid for six months. In addition to this, there are certain countries that even accept documents that are more than six months old. Whereas, a few countries even accept an attested document that is one year old. so, the validity of a document depends on the country where the certificates are to be handed over.

What Is The Exact Cost That An Applicant Has To Be For The Attested Documents?

There are many documents that are attested by various authorities. The exact cost of the attested documents depends on several factors. Let’s see the list below.

  • Type of document.
  • Embassy fees.
  • Count (Number) of documents.
  • Fees of apostle service.

Due to many factors, it is very difficult to tell the exact cost of here document. A genuine and authentic apostille service provider can guide you better about the cost.

What Extra Steps Are Needed To Be Done For A Qatar Embassy Attestation For PCC?

There are no extra steps needed for the Qatar Embassy attestation for PCC. The process that is done for the attestation of birth certificate, marriage certificate, and degree certificate attestation for Qatar is similar to the PCC attestation of Qatar. All the steps are easy to understand but in case of any issue, a person can contact a credible apostille/attestation service.

How Many Documents Are Required For The Qatar Embassy Attestation?

There are only a few documents needed for the Qatar Embassy attestation. The list is as follows:

  • Original Certificates (Birth/Marriage/Degree/PCC).
  • Photocopy of the Passport (Last and Front Page).
  • Marksheets (Photocopy).
  • Aadhar Card/Driving License (Photocopy).


For the complete attestation process, the original documents must be kept carefully. So, make sure that you select an apostille service that can take care of the documents and can guide you properly. As if documents are misplaced then it may create a lot of delay in the complete visa process.

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