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Apostille Attestation And Translation Service In Indore

What Is Apostille Stamp? What Are The Details Mentioned In The Apostille For Indore Issued Documents?

An apostille stamp is placed on the document by the Ministry of External Affairs. Once the document is found authentic then only MEA places the stamp on the backside of the document. This is a way to let the foreign country know that the document is genuine and real. There are a few details that are mentioned below:

  1. Certificate No: A special number is written
  2. Certificate issued Date: 21/21/2211(date and time)
  3. Account Reference: AN ALPHA CODE FOR REFERENCE
  4. Unique Doc. Reference: ALPHANUMERIC CODE
  5. Purchased by: APPLICANT NAME
  6. Description of Document: ARTICLE 4 AFFIDAVIT
  7. Description: AFFIDAVIT
  8. Consideration Price (Rs.): ZERO
  9. First Party: NAME OF PERSON
  10. Second Party: N/A
  11. Stamp Duty Paid By: NAME OF PERSON
  12. Stamp Duty Amount (Rs.): AMOUNT

Why Does A Person Need To Attest Documents?

There are several reasons that make the attestation of documents essential for many people. If they are traveling out of the country or need official work in the host country only. So, let’s see the reasons below:

  • To legalize a normal certificate
  • To get a visa to a specified country
  • Compulsory for Hague nations
  • To use in a foreign country
  • To make the verification process faster in a foreign country
  • No need for Embassy Attestation

4 Simple steps to get MEA Apostille on your Documents 

  1. Register on Apostille Portal 
  2. Collect all  Documents you want to Apostille 
  3. Submit the Original / Photocopies of documents
  4. Receive Documents with Apostille Directly to your home
Reasons to get apostille your documents

What Are The Types Of Documents That Need An Apostille?

There are generally three types of documents that need an apostille. However, there are several subcategories under these types. So, register here to know more about the document and apostille service.

  • Personal Document
  • Educational Document
  • Commercial Document
Types of Documents for apostille attestation in india.

What Documents Are Needed For Madhya Pradesh Issued Certificates Apostille Procedure?

The documents that a person requires for Madhya Pradesh issued certificates apostille are only a few. These are as follows:

  • Major Documents

The original certificate needs to be apostilled. This can be a birth certificate, marriage certificate, single status certificate, police clearance certificate, degree certificate, or any other personal/educational/commercial document.

  • Supporting Documents

Photocopy of License.

Photocopy of the front and last page of the passport.

Photocopy of Aadhar Card.

What Are The Procedures That Are Followed For The Attestation For Madhya Pradesh Issued Documents?

There are generally three types of documents that need an apostille. These are named personal documents, educational documents, and commercial documents. The procedure that a person has to follow for the attestation of all the mentioned documents is simple. However, it involves three to four authorities for attestation so needs proper guidance. Let’s see in detail:

  • Notary Attestation: This is the first step toward the attestation of documents. In this step, the documents are carefully checked and verified. When the details are found accurate and the certificates genuine then the certificates are attested by the notary.
  • SDM/State Attestation: This is the next step for the attestation of the documents. There are two authorities at this step for attestation. Both SDM and State follow a similar pattern for attestation but due to more rush at the state level, the attestation takes more time. At first, the documents are investigated. When the certificate is found real and authentic then they put a stamp and signature on the certificate.

The attestation that is done at State generally takes three to four weeks to complete. However, the same work is done in just three to five days at SDM. So, it is better to select the SDM attestation. But in case, the country has demanded a state attestation then the person should go ahead with the State attestation irrespective of the time frame.

  • Ministry of External Affairs: This is an essential step of the entire attestation procedure. All the major and supporting documents are scrutinized here. The MEA verifies each and every detail. When the verification of documents is done then an apostille stamp is placed on the documents. The stamp, let the other country know that the certificate is legal and valid.
  • Embassy Attestation: This step is done for all the countries that are not a part of the Hague Nations. Moreover, for those nations who have asked for embassy attestation. In this, all original certificates and a photocopy is submitted with the specified fees to the embassy. When the documents are checked completely. Then, they are sealed and stamped by the embassy. Hence, the attestation for Madhya Pradesh issued documents is finished with this.

Note: Embassy attestation is not required for the Hague Nations. For that country, the procedure is Notary+SDM/State Attestation+MEA.

Apostille Attestation And Translation Service In Indore

What Is Document Translation?

Document translation is converting the language of the document into the official language. This is done so that the document can be used for official use. To get the document translation, a person requires a certified professional translator that has complete knowledge about the work and is fluent in the language. The documents are to be presented in front of authorities so there is no scope for error.

How Much Time Do Attestation Services In Indore Take To Complete The Process?

The time that is taken for the attestation of documents in Indore is generally ten to fifteen days. However, in case of any uncertainty, the time frame for the attestation may also increase. Additionally, if there is a heavy rush of applications then authorities may take more time than usual. A person can contact a safe and trustworthy apostille provider to know more about the time frame.

What Charges A Person Has To For Translation In Indore And Apostille Service?

There are a few charges that an applicant has to pay to get the documents translated in Indore. The charges depend on the document and the content that needs to be translated. Moving ahead with the apostille service charges. For that, the charges depend on the document type and also the number of documents. Moreover, there are several charges paid for the attestation at various levels of authorities so it depends on that also. Lastly, the fees of the apostille service provider also matter. So, to know the exact charges, register here with your details.

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