Degree Certificate Apostille

Reason for getting Degree certificate apostille is

  • Higher Studies
  • Working in other country
  • Requirement of the foreign country

Want to know what is apostille read here

Documents required for degree certificate apostille?

  1. Original document 
  2. Supporting documents such as passport photocopies or aadhar card

There are basically two types of degree certificate apostille

  1. State authentication then MEA apostille 
  2. SDM authentication then MEA apostille

Which one is better?

Depends on the destination country you are travelling 
If you are travelling destination is in Hague nation list then SDM is good for you, since it takes less time and money.
But there are exception countries such Austria and Italy even though they are in hague nation list, they require state attestation.
If the travel destination is not a hague nation, then you must get state attestation.

Apostille Document

Time required for both of the Authentication.

State + MEA apostille requires more time since lot of government departments are involved in it.
Requires more than 30 working days and cost is also higher than SDM apostille.
On the other hand
SDM is a cost effective and very quick process. Required time depends on the package you choose.

Can we directly submit the document to MEA ?

Since 2012 the documents received for apostille increased astronomically.
So the collection and distributed of the documents was given to us.
You have to go through us for apostille.

How do I apply for apostille?

You can apply here for apostille give all the details in the form.

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Degree certificate apostille
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Degree certificate apostille
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Degree certificate apostille from MEA india can be obtained. Only MEA has right to give apostille but collection and distribution is our job. MEA will not directly receive documents from citizens. You have to go through us.

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