Apostille attestation procedure in 3 simple steps

Basically there are 2 ways of doing apostille.

1) State attestation then MA apostille 
2) SDM attestation then MEA apostille

In this section we will learn how to get state attestation then MEA apostille.

Following are the steps you need to follow for State attestation.

The whole process of state attestation will take about 2-3 Weeks, Depending on how governament work.

Go to Apostille Process Directly

Go to Apostille Process Directly

Why do I need an apostille?

Documents issued in one country should be authenticated or legalized to be used in another country. 

After apostille the other country will recognize those documents and will have the  same legal value in the other country as in the parent country in which documents are produced.

Before the Hague Convention the authentication procedure was very difficult as there were many people involved in making a single document legal. The Hague Legalization Convention simplifies the procedures for documents if both countries are part of the convention.

Is India listed in Hague convention?

Yes its is, to know which countries are part of hague convention refer below link

My country is not listed in Hague convention what should I do?

If your country is not listed in Hague convention Your documents require Consular/Embassy legalization.  This process involves 2 extra steps at the Department of State and the Embassy or Consulate.
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