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What is HRD Attestation?

HRD full form is Human Resource Development. It is a Government department that oversees the overall skill development of the State. Our education department comes under HRD. So attestation for educational documents given by the HRD Department is known as HRD Attestation.

HRD Attestation confirms that the document is genuine, Original and given by the correct department.

HRD Attestation is not done for non Educational documents such as Birth, Marriage, Death etc.

4 Simple steps to get HRD Attestation on your Documents 

  1. Register on HRD Portal 
  2. Collect all  Documents that need HRD Attestation 
  3. Submit the Original / Photocopies of documents
  4. Receive Documents with HRD Attestation Directly 

HRD Attestation use cases

  1. Apostille purpose – If you are travelling to foreign country you need to get HRD Attestation and Apostille.
  2. Verification Purpose by Government – If you have got a job in government institutions in order to prove that your documents are genuine you need to get HRD Attestation.
  3. Verification Purpose by Private Companies – Private companies also request for HRD Attestation before joining.
  4. For Embassy Attestation – if you need to get embassy attestation, the first step is to get HRD attestation.

Documents required to get HRD Attestation

The documents required for HRD Attestation varies depending on state which issued the original document 

Below are list of documents required in general for HRD Attestation

  1. Original Documents that you need HRD Attestation on
  2. Passport scan copy first and last information page 
  3. Passport size photographs 
  4. Final year Marksheet

Process of Getting HRD Attestation

HRD Attestation is done by the secretary of the state Generally. There will be multiple departments where you can get HRD Attestation. 

  1. Submit The Original Educational certificate along with the supporting documents to Secretary of State or Education department ( Find your Secretary of State Here )
  2. Pay the Nominal fee.
  3. After verification for about 1 week secretary of state will draft a letter to University
  4. Get a letter from Secretary of state office addressed to university to verify the document 
  5. Submit the Original degree and letter to University examination department 
  6. University will take 1 week to verify the document and put a found and verified seal on it.
  7. Take the document with a found and verified seal to the Secretary of state office and deposit again to the office.
  8. Finally after checking the seal from the Examination department Secretary of state will attest the document with HRD Attestation.

This completed the HRD Verification Process.

How Much Time will it Take to Get HRD ?

HRD attestation is a Time consuming process. Time taken for HRD Attestation verified from state to state generally it will take 3 weeks to 5 weeks to get HRD Attestation.

Cost of HRD Attestation

  1. If you are doing it on Your own the cost will be little less but you need to spend a lot of time in travelling and submitting the document to different department 

    There will be generally 2 costs 

    1. Secretary of state fees – 2000₹
    2. University fees -2500-3000₹

    Total HRD Attestation cost will be somewhere between 4500₹ – 5000₹

    That too excluding other costs such as travelling, Food etc 

    If you include those as well it will come up to 6500₹ if you are in a different city other than the secretary of state.

Cost of HRD Attestation

You can get HRD Attestation online by registering for HRD Attestation 

If you are living in a different city / State  than the document issuing city/ State. Then it will be really difficult for you to get the HRD attestation because you will need to travel to and from multiple times to get HRD attestation, practically it will be not possible if you are a working.
If you are facing such Issue then you can request us to get the HRD attestation for you by registering in Below form.

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