Single Status certificate India Apostille

In order to marry any foreigner you must obtain a singlehood or SIngle certificate apostille

Do you know, this is a frequently asked query for Visa and majorly of marriage-related processes.

Today, the term Singlehood has its own importance in abroad specifically to marry a foreigner. In the countries such as Europe, US and South America, You will be asked to provide the singlehood or single status certificate with MEA Apostille  when you are marrying a foreigner.   

The necessary documents for Indians to get this SINGLEHOOD or Single Status certificate?

Here, we have listed out the documents which are needed: 

  1. First, you need to submit an Affidavit. (A single status affidavit states that you are free to marry).      
  2. Either AADHAR CARD or PASSPORT  is required as address proof of the applicant for the single status affidavit.
  3. Applicants should provide documents such as Birth certificate/schooling certificate as proof of birth.
  4. Applicant must get a letter from his/her parents stating that “the applicant is single” and the letter should be attached with their Aadhar cards.

what is an affidavit and how is it used? 

An affidavit is a written statement confirmed by taking an oath or affirmation. A single status affidavit is a sort of declaration affidavit, where you declare your details related to your meritorious status, Date of Birth, and passport details.

The person who creates the affidavit is called the deponent. The affidavit swears facts that are true to the best knowledge of the deponent along with the statements from the witness. These documents can be used as evidence in courts.


A sample of the Affidavit is here

Process of Getting the Single Status Certificate Apostille for an Indian:

 We have listed out the process step by step for your convenience:  

  1. The affidavit can be drawn up by a notary and then the Affidavit declaring your single status needs to get attestation either from State Home Department or Sub Divisional Magistrate(SDM). So, there are two ways to get document Attestation and which Attestation to choose is explained in the next section.
  2. The Affidavit which is attested(State/SDM) will further proceeds to Ministry of External Affairs(MEA) for Apostille.
  3. MEA apostille on the ‘SINGLE STATUS CERTIFICATE’ is enough If the person whom you are marrying belongs to a country which is in the Hague Nation List. Otherwise Apostilled document has to get ‘EMBASSY ATTESTATION’ as well.

For State and SDM Verification (Single Status Certificate)

The state Attestation for Single Certificate is a long time process because the state Authentication has to validate. Once it is done, it goes to the MEA department for Apostille.

The SDM Verification is done faster. Once the process of Magistrate Signature is done, the details are sent to MEA for Apostille.

According to the MEA rules, the validity of the Apostilled documents will be carried only for six months.

Here is the the short explanation from MEA Website


There are several ways where a single status certificate Apostille is used:

  • You are never been married and you are marrying a foreigner now:

    If you are marrying foreigner then you should produce SINGLE STATUS APOSTILLE for the foreign country to which your partner belongs.

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  • You are legally divorced and you are marrying a foreigner:

    If you are previously divorced and now, you are marrying a foreigner then the foreign government will ask you to produce SINGLE STATUS CERTIFICATE APOSTILLE along with DIVORCE DECREE APOSTILLE. Therefore getting both documents apostilled is very important when it comes to marrying a foreigner. 

    {NOTE: Divorce decree/decree absolute is a legal document which ends your marriage}

  • You are widowed and you are marrying a foreigner:

    If your spouse/husband is dead and now, you are marrying a foreigner then the foreign government will ask you to produce SINGLE STATUS CERTIFICATE APOSTILLE along with DEATH CERTIFICATE APOSTILLE. 

single certificate sample

A single status Apostille contains the following details:

Request For Apostille

Provide applicant details

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