Apostille for Netherlands

Netherlands is part of Hague Nation, apostille will be enough to get legal status to your documents ...

Netherlands in today world,  which is also land of Opportunity in fields of Electronics, Software, Textiles and Deep sea Engineering (Marine Engineering) , for mentioned filed there are Import and Export that take place and people all over the world travel to the Dutch land all employment, residential cum employment and work related visit and Business trips for all the details , there is lot of paper work to done with respective government of all the countries with the Government of Netherlands.

MEA(Ministry of External  Affairs) is the Ministry of all respective countries which plays a vital role in the implementation of all the documents for all work related and family related certificate for the day to day business. there are some
Document always used for the Visa purposes it might be (Residential or Work Permit) for the business purposes in Netherland.

Birth Certificate is an important certificate which proves the age for an individual and also a verification of the person for knowing from which place city or state  if from India, or the person is which country .So it is a necessary document that has to be validated from the MEA which is to be
Apostilled for Netherlands process.

The process for Appostille for Netherlands is a simple process.

All you need to do is register here in this
example – Birth certificate apostille for Netherlands

In case if a person does not have a birth certificate, he or she has to request for a non-availability certificate form the office of the Registrar Birth and Deaths in the place where the person is born. You have to give an Affidavit (written statement made  oath before a civil law notary) on the same for getting the Birth certificate which can be given as a proof for the same. After this process once you get the certificate you can send it for attestation or the Apostilling for the Netherlands process.

This is process for the Legalization of the document.
The Process of Apostilled for Netherlands: where all documents need to be Apostilled from External Affairs (MEA) as per the law Hague conference on Private international Law (HCCH) so details are in the Website which is in English once all process is completed the document can be used in the Kingdom of Netherlands.

All the Documents should be translated to Dutch language and also the Appostille seal also needs to be translated and then submitted to the respective office in the Kingdom of Netherlands .The document should be issued from qualified officer and expert authority. 

Apostille for Netherlands is the procedure of attaining the MEA sticker on the document. It is a part of the legalization of the required certificate authentication in order to prove the genuinity of your documents and your purpose of travelling to Netherlands.

Apostille for Netherlands in India are delivered by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) which is an arm of the Indian government that handles foreign affairs. MEA is a central government authentication that is a part of the process, where the MEA provides with an MEA sticker

The documents for Birth for
Apostilled for Netherland: The states in India (Punjab, Haryana and union territory here the document needs to be State attested.

MEA requires state attestation so the document has to be processed in a uniform manner.
Documents issued by the Indian consulate in Oranjestad must be legalized by the Department of Legislation and Legal Affairs (DWJZ) in Oranjestad. 

After legalization, you can use your document in the Kingdom of the Netherland.
For Indian nationals, Birth certificate or any other document issued by Government of India will be attested in the Embassy directly without referring to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

Documents required for apostillation for Netherlands 

In case of Indian nationals

Original documents

Valid passport  photocopies of first two and last two pages are required.  

For State Attestation 

Attestation by General Administration department (GAD) or State Home department (SHD) of the state where the birth certificate was issued form New Delhi, this authority lies with the Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) of the district where the Birth Certificate was issued. This is the most critical step and procedure might differ from state to state. Suggestion is to enquire at the state department or someone who has gone through the process. This step generally needs to Attested by Chief Registrar at Birth and Death department of state headquarters (not applicable for New Delhi which is Union States).For the Apostilleing for Netherlands .Today some states in India Do require this as there are some fraudulent cases that have taken places so there is an MEA Office Setup in state where the State HR or SDM is done on the certificate for the Documents.

When to get state authentication and MEA Birth certificate apostille?

Every document in India belongs to one of the 29 states or union territory, You need to get state authentication first.
First check whether your destination country belongs to Hague nation list or not.
If it’s not in the list or your travelling country is Austria or Italy you must get state attestation.
Or if your document belongs to Punjab, Haryana, and Goa you have to get state attestation regardless whether your destination country belongs to hague nation or not.

Getting state authentication is a highly time consuming and complex process, generally It will take 3-4 working weeks to complete.

When to get SDM authentication and MEA Birth certificate apostille?

If your travelling destination belongs to hague nation then you can go for SDM Authentication.

But if your documents belong to Punjab, Haryana, and Goa then the cost of SDM Authentication increases.

Apostille hyrarchy


Following are the details an Apostille contains:

  • Name of country from which the document was issued.
  • Name of the Person to whom document is issued.
  • Name of person signing the document.
  • Designation of the singed person.
  • Place of certification date of certification.
  • Number of certificate.
  • Seal or stamp of authority issuing certificate.
  • Signature of authority issuing certificate.

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