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Apostille Canada Process in India

Canada Apostille is a process of verifying the Originality of the document. Canada Apostille confirms that the document with Apostille can is original and authentic. The document can be used in any Hague country without any legal restrictions.

There are 2 process for Canada Apostille 

  1. Apostille of Indian documents for Canada or other Hague Countries
  2. Apostille for Canadian document to India or other Hague countries 

Lets learn about the differences between these 2 process 

Before that let us understand what is Apostille 

Apostille is a process of legalising ( Making it legal ) any public document  for Hague countries. In 1961 Some of the countries came together to make this cross border document transfer easier by creating a process called Apostille. With the help of this Apostille any member country of Hague Nations can verify the authenticity of the Document submitted.

This process reduces fraudulent documents being used for international transaction / Travel purposes. Once apostille is done then the document is valid for all the countries listed in Hague Nations.

4 Simple steps to get MEA Apostille on your Documents 

  1. Register on Apostille Portal 
  2. Collect all  Documents you want to Apostille 
  3. Submit the Original / Photocopies of documents
  4. Receive Documents with Apostille Directly to your home

Apostille of Indian documents to Canada

Apostille Process for Indian issued documents to canada and other Hague countries is as follows 

  1. Local Verification – Verification of the document by the authority which issued the document 
  2. Notary Attestation – Careful verification of the details of the document and supporting document.
  3. SDM / State HRD / State Home department Attestation – 3rd step is a little complex since it depends on type of document, issuing authority, issuing state and Travelling Country.
    1. State HRD / State Home department attestation takes around 30 days and the attestation is done in the state which issued you the original document
    2. Alternative to state HRD is SDM process which can be done 4 working days. This attestation is done in Court 
    3. Both the process are valid.
  4. MEA Attestation – Verification of the documents and attestation of the document by Ministry of External Affairs ( MEA ) 
  5. Apostille Sticker – After all this verification apostille sticker will be pasted on the backside of the document 

Time & Cost needed for Canada apostille

As Informed earlier the time taken for canada apostille depends on mainly following factors 

  1. Type of documents – Education / Personal / Commercial /
  2. Process – whether you are doing the attestation through HRD / SDM 
  3. Travelling country
  4. Document issuing state 

Generally if you are doing canada apostille through HRD attestation by the state it will take – 30 working day 

Canada apostille cost through HRD attestation depends on the issuing state please check with us for pricing before proceeding with this process. 

If you are doing the canada apostille through SDM it will take 3 working days 

Canada apostille through SDM will be between 2000₹ to 5000₹ depending on the type of document.

Apostille of Canadian documents in India

Canada joined the Hague convention recently in 2024. All documents which are issued in canada need apostille to be used in India or in any other Hague Country.

Documents such as Canada birth certificate, Canada marriage certificates, canada degree certificates, Canada Divorce Certificates Etc need Canada apostille depending on the Purpose.

Purpose of Canada document apostille

OCI Application 

Employment Purpose

  • If you are applying to a job outside Canada with a Canadian Degree certificate then you must get an apostille for a Degree certificate.

Higher Education

  • Pursuing Higher education outside canada with canadian qualification you need an apostille for Canada degree certificate and Transcript.

Dependent visa – If you are travelling outside canada with your Kids and spouse you need Canada Apostille on Canada Marriage certificate for Spouse & Canada Birth certificate for Kids

Process of Getting Apostille Canada

If you living outside canada

Process Steps for apostille canada

  1. Courier the documents to canada 
  2. Solicitors attestation + Apostille 
  3. Courier from Canada to destination 

There are 2 ways in getting Canada apostille for canada documents

  1. Apostille on Original documents 
  2. Apostille on Photocopies of the documents

Apostille on Original canada documents

In many cases you need canada apostille on original documents, so you need to submit original documents for apostille cases like OCI and dependent and work visa need original document with apostille canada.

Apostille on Photocopies

In some cases you need apostille on photocopies during that time you can just share the scan copies of the documents and we can process the documents for apostille 

Majorly   2 steps involved in photocopy apostille 

  1. Solicitors Attestation – Stating that the the solicitor has verified the original documents and the photocopy is a correct copy of the Original
  2. Apostille by Canada Government – Apostille is a sticker pasted on the backside of the document. Apostille Canada is done in Ontario, Ottawa.

Time needed for canada Apostille

Courier to and from Canada – 8 working days 

Apostille – 7 working days 

Total 15 working days to get the document in Hand.

Apostille Canada is a little complicated, not in Process but in deciding on which process to take, where to send and process details. It’s always better to contact apostille service before proceeding for apostille.

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