Board Resolution Apostille

The type of legislation that comes under the commercial documents is referred to as Board Resolution Apostille. To prove that any document is rightful, the verification by board resolution is absolutely necessary. This proves that the provided document is accurate and genuine which can be allowed within the nation. These documents are recognised by other country’s Ministry of External Affairs. This is because, while providing attested copies the concerned administrative office needs evidence that you are a proper somebody.

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Importance of Board Resolution Apostille:

Getting Apostille from board resolution is like getting a certificate of authentication, it is considered valid as it will be having seal and signature by trusted authority. This also permits documents valid within country. The accuracy and reliability is assured with this board resolution Apostille. Let us know about Apostille for better understanding. 


Apostille is nothing but the type of attestation which is subjected to legalization of any provided documents, court orders or any other form of certificates such as birth certificate, death certificate and much more, in a desired format which is accepted by all nations that belong to Hague convention. Apostille is an international attestation which is acceptable around the 92 countries throughout the world .

In attestation there are mainly three types :

1) State attestation : The appropriate attestation which is done based on the type document is referred to as State Attestation. This is the basic attestation that has to be done before MEA attestation. 

 2) MEA attestation or Apostille: MEA is stands for Ministry of External Affairs which is mainly authorised for attestation . This is mainly necessary to make the documents or true copies acceptable through out India and within foreign country .MEA is the only apex body which is having authority for the attestation of documents issued in India.

3) Embassy attestation: Once the document is apostilled,there is no need of attestation further .This is the major advantage for all the business clients. 

Why we need MEA attestation?

Any document that has to be officially considered within the country or foreign countries leads to the necessity of Attestation. This is why various types of attestation are done. MEA is one such process which is done after the State attestation. Finally, this is followed by Embassy attestation. Usually the documents that are been exchanged mutually between two counties has to be officially accepted. This is done by attestation which allows any true copies flow easily between and within country. For example we can say as, higher education purpose, employment, migration purpose, resending resident visa .

Procedure for Board Resolution Apostille:

1. Board resolution

2. Apostille Services

3. Chamber of Commerce 

4. Ministry of External affairs

The another benefit of board resolution apostille is, with this apostille stamp, Board will help you in opening an abroad bank account, selecting modern chief and changing the company’s arrangement. The verification is more complicated and the long method in India and its time consuming as well. 

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