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Get Apostille Services In Pune

Define Apostille Services In Pune

Apostille Services In Pune is a way that adds authenticity to your certificates. This basically certifies that the document is verified by the authorities carefully. It also legalizes a simple certificate so that it can be used in countries where it is required.

The Ministry of External Affairs signs the document that acts as legal proof abroad. This complete process is called an apostille. The MEA places an apostille stamp on the original document that let the other country know that it is verified.


Translation means changing the language of the document to some other language. This is basically done when the document that is to be presented to authorities is accepted only in an official language. To get the translation done, a professional person who has good knowledge of the language in which the document is written is essential.

4 Simple steps to get MEA Apostille on your Documents 

  1. Register on Apostille Portal 
  2. Collect all  Documents you want to Apostille 
  3. Submit the Original / Photocopies of documents
  4. Receive Documents with Apostille Directly to your home

Detailed Procedure To Get The Apostille Service for Pune-Issued Documents

Detailed Procedure To Get The Apostille Service in Pune

The procedure for the attestation is uncomplicated but there are many authorities that are a part of the complete procedure. Let’s have a quick look at the steps that are needed for the certificate attestation.

  • Notary Attestation: This is an essential step in the procedure of attestation. In this, all the necessary documents are shown to the notary. Once the documents are checked, a stamp is placed by the notary to make them legal and valid.
  • Sub Divisional Magistrate/State Attestation: In addition to this, the documents are sent either to SDM or to the State for attestation. Both the authorities attest to the documents in a similar way. But the time that is usually taken by the state is far more than the SDM attestation. Prefer to select the SDM attestation in case the country does not require State Attestation.

For the SDM attestation, the time that is taken for attestation is just 3-5 days. However, on the other side, similar work is completed in 3-4 weeks at the state level. This is due to more applications at the state level.

  • Ministry of External Affairs: This is an important step in the attestation of a degree certificate. In this all major and supporting documents are presented to the Ministry of External Affairs. All these are checked carefully by keeping care of every small detail. If the Ministry of External Affairs found the document authentic and genuine, then only the documents are sealed and stamped.

An apostille stamp is a square-shaped stamp. This is generally placed at the back of the original document. This stamp lets the foreign country know that the document is real and all the information presented is accurate. This is the last step for all the Hague Nations.

  • Embassy Attestation: This is the last and final step of the attestation process. Here a fee is submitted with all the documents that are to be attested. Once the documents are verified and attested by the Embassy then they can be used in any foreign country. This is the last and final step for all the countries that are not a member of the Hague Nations.

What Are The Expenses A Person Has To Incur For The Apostille Service in Pune Issued Documents?

There are some charges that a person has to pay to get an apostille on the certificate. The expenses depend on various factors such as the number of documents that are to be attested. In addition to this, the type of document also increases or decreases the cost of the attestation.

Also, the apostille service that a person has chosen for the service also matters. There are many government authorities involved, so it is a little costly and time-consuming process. To know the correct charges, contact an apostille service provider that is trustworthy.

How Much Time Does The Attestation Service In Pune Take For The Apostille service in Pune-Issued Documents?

Generally, the time that is taken for the attestation services in pune is usually ten to fifteen working days. However, in case of any uncertainty, the time frame may increase. Moreover, if the applications are more the time might increase as authorities might take more time for attestation than the usual time.

What Are The Reasons That Make The Apostille Essential?

There are several reasons that make the apostille of documents essential. These are as follows:

  • To use in a foreign country
  • To make the verification process faster in a foreign country
  • No need for Embassy Attestation
  • To legalize a normal certificate
  • To get a visa to a specified country
  • Compulsory for Hague nations

Documents That Must Have To Get The Apostille service for Pune-Issued Documents Done

The applicant has to collect a few documents, some original and other photocopies for the attestation of the Pune issued certificate. Ensure that you have all of them at the time of attestation/apostille. The list is given below:

  • Major Documents

All Original Certificates that need apostille such as Birth Certificate/Marriage Certificate/Degree Certificate/Police clearance certificate

  • Supporting Documents

A photocopy of the Passport (front and back pages)

Driving License Photocopy

A photocopy of the Aadhar Card

Documents Requirred for Apostille services in Pune

What Validity Does Apostille Have For Pune Issued Documents Actually?

The validity of apostille for Pune issued documents is 6 months, this validity is the same irrespective of the state where the attestation is done. However, the time duration of documents may vary with the country where the document is sent as some countries also accept an apostille that is more than one year old. This implies that the validity of the document depends from country to country and does not have a specified time period.  Register here to know the accurate validity of your document.

What Points To Consider While Selecting A Service For Translation In Pune?

There are a few points that a person should consider while selecting a service for translation in Pune.

  • The person should be professional as the document is for official use.
  • A certified translator is required for the translation of documents.
  • As the documents are original, a person who can keep the documents safely should be considered.
  • An individual should know both languages properly to avoid any errors.
  • Register for apostille to get Complete information on Apostille services in Pune.

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