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Things to do before travelling abroad

This article provides the list of things to take care before you plan to move abroad.

Going abroad may it be for work or for studies it is really a big decision someone has to take.

Leaving your hometown or leaving loved once basically leaving your comfort zone is only for the brave ones. Most of Indians go to abroad mainly in search of better job prospects, better standard of living and better work-life balance which are still luxury in India.

Going abroad is bold and best decision for someone who has prepared for it it will be the worst decision for someone who hasn’t prepared for it.This article will help you to understand the procedure, plan according and organise things so that everything moves in safe smooth manner.

There is a saying “you start going to abroad 6 months earlier than your flight date”

Once the above 2 things are done you are ready to go. Sorry ready to prepare for going.

Try to be a legal immigrant - VISA documents

Most of the countries have general documents that must be there with you for getting a visa but for some countries documents are little bit different, know these difference and prepare accordingly.

Below are the general documents applies to almost all countries.

Put all these in the folder we mentioned earlier.

Settle all the things in your hometown.

If you are travelling to germany and Poland or to Europe refer this page for each and every checklist. Navigate to pre departure menu and check for checklist

Happy Packing

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