What is Legalization?

To understand legalization first we need to understand Hague convention.

On 5th October 1961 certain countries came together to form a group where in the group members will enjoy a special right that’s the Documents which are issued in member countries can be used in any country of the member country without legalizing the document.

India is a member of this Hague Convention Since July 14th 2005, since then if you are travelling to any Hague nation legalizing is not required for you.

So what is Legalization!!

When the country you are travelling does not belong to the Hague Convention, After getting the apostille on the document you must goto travelling countries Consulate or Embassy in your Country and get a seal from consulate for verifying the document on their behalf.

Example your document is issued in Karnataka India and you want to travel to Qatar Following are the steps to get your document legalized.

Simple and Time effective solution would be Hand over the documents to us and get the apostille in very short time.

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