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CENOMAR Apostille for foreign Countries

Full form CENOMAR is 

CE – Certificate of 

NO – no 

MAR – Marriage 

CENOMAR for people who have never married 

It’s a Certificate of no Marriage, that states that you are currently single and not married in India and that you are eligible to marry anyone of any nationality 

CENOMAR for people who are Divorced 

It’s a Certificate of being single at present, that states that you are Presently not married in India and you are legally divorced and currently single and that you are eligible to marry anyone of any nationality.

CENOMAR for people who are Widow 

It’s a Certificate of being single at present, that states that you are Presently not married in India and you are a widow and currently single and that you are eligible to marry anyone of any nationality.

4 Simple steps to get MEA Apostille on your Documents 

  1. Register on Apostille Portal 
  2. Collect all  Documents you want to Apostille 
  3. Submit the Original / Photocopies of documents
  4. Receive Documents with Apostille Directly to your home

Why is a CENOMAR Certificate required ?

CENOMAR certificate is required to marry in foreign country, it is also required for some job application or other purposes. Mainly required for Marriage purpose, to show that you are currently single and eligible to marry.

How to Get CENOMAR Certificate ?

There are 2 watts in getting a CENOMAR certificate 

  1. Through court judgement 
  2. Through Self declaration affidavit 

Through Court Judgment

This is a long process, probably it will take 3-4 months to get the CENOMAR through this method.

Below are the process details of getting CENOMAR through Court order 

  1. Hire a Lawyer, File a petition in the court to issue you a CENOMAR 
  2. On the appointment day sworn in front of the judge that you are currently single 
  3. After hearing you judge issues an order to police to do a background check on you 
  4. After receiving the report from the police if it satisfies, the judge will order the tahasildar / Municipality to issue you a CENOMAR
  5. After cross checking with marriage registrar the municipality will issue you a CENOMAR 

Since a lot of government departments and courts are involved in this, the processing time is really high. If you have 3-4 months or time then you can go through this process.

There is another method to get CENOMAR that's through Self declaration affidavit

This is a self declaration where you yourself will declare that you are a single and you have never been married / you have legally divorced / you are widow depending on your situation 

This is a Self declaration affidavit, below is a template be used 

Edit the Below template according to your passport and put the content on a 100₹ stamp paper, sign it and get the notary attestation on all the pages.

This is a CENOMAR affidavit 

This will take a maximum of 1 day

But getting CENOMAR either from Court or from Notary is not the end of the story!! If you are travelling to foreign country you must get an apostille for this CENOMAR. Without apostille by MEA India the CENOMAR is not valid in foreign country 

Apostille is a process of legalising any indian documents to foreign country. Any document with apostille is considered as a legal document in Hague country To know more about apostille Read about how to get apostille

How to get a CENOMAR apostille ?

Apostille for CENOMAR certificate is done by Ministry of external affairs 

Below are the steps to get CENOMAR Apostille 

  1. Register in the Apostille Portal
  2. Submit Original CENOMAR along with the Original submit photocopies of your passport / If divorced then submit Divorce copy as well / If Widow submit death certificate 
  3. Once the document is submitted, the details are verified and Notary attestation will be done 
  4. After the Notary the document is submitted to Court for SDM Attestation 
  5. Once court attestation is done document is submitted to MEA office for MEA Attestation 
  6. After all this verification the apostille will be pasted on the backside on the CENOMAR certificate 

Time take for Apostille of CENOMAR

Time actually depends on the claim verification, since most of the cases will be self declaration affidavit, these are claims made by the self these needs to be verified by the correct authorities.

Normally it takes 7-15 working days to get apostille on the CENOMAR

Validity of CENOMAR Apostille

Cenomar apostille validity depends on travelling country 

Normally the validity is considered as 6 months to 1 year  in most cases. It is always better to use the document as soon as possible.

Many countries consider 1 year as a maxim validity.

If you are Travelling to non hague countries such as UAE, QATAR, Myanmar etc then you should get Embassy attestation 

The process of attestation of CENOMAR certificate for non hague contry is similar to that of non hague countries with additional step of Embassy attestation 

Example if you are attestation CENOMAR certificate for UAE you must obtain UAE embassy attestation after all the above mentioned attestation done for apostille 

Non hague countries are the countries that are no listed in hague country list

Register for Embassy attestation if you are travelling to non hague countries

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