To Apply your Photograph for Saudi Visa

This article provides the details to apply of your photograph for Saudi Arabia Visa. 

How should your photograph be to apply for Saudi Visa?

  • Make sure your passport size photograph is of size 2x2.
  • In the photograph, you should be facing the camera directly, in simple words, it is called a Full-Face View photograph. Check the photograph carefully to make sure your face is not sided or angled. Such photos are not applicable.
  • The photograph should have a white background only.
  • Attach the photograph with the application, attach with a staple pin or paperclip only. Disclaimer: Do not use more than one staple pin and please avoid the glue, the photograph should be attached not pasted.
  • Be careful when you are stapling your photograph with the application. Avoid pinning on the area which involves your face, forehead or clothing. Pin at either the top or on the side of the photograph.
  • The passport size photograph should not be older than 6 months. Make sure you provide your recent photograph.

These 6 essential steps should be taken care of while providing the passport size photograph along with the visa application. In case, one of these steps are not followed your visa application will get rejected.

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