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Ultimate Guide to Get the CAF

CAF stands for caisse d’allocations familiales (Family Allowance) given in france

Caisse d’allocations Familiales (CAF) is a Government agency in France that provides the Rental Assistance for those who are eligible for the assistance. Main Objective of the CAF is to provide Economic help for the International students those who have Valid Resident Permits. 

In French, Rental Assistance is known as Aide Personalisé au Logement (APL) but the people usually don’t call by that name. They simply call the rental assistance as “CAF”.

Generally, the amount of Housing allowance depends on the rent in france, the location of living and the last two year’s Income tax Report of the student. For the students who are studying full time, CAF provides at least 200 Euros per month if he is living in studio apartment and provides 180 Euros per month if the student is living in the shared apartment.


  • Student should have low income

Students who have low income will be given first priority to the Housing Allowance. While filling the Application, the last two year’s income tax report of the student should be presented as proof of low income.

  • Student should look or for a flat/hostel/house which qualify the CAF

If you are renting a flat, make sure that the Apartment will qualify the CAF.  And more importantly, ask your Apartment owner that he will allow you to pay rent through the CAF or not. Get the signature of the landlord on the rental contract if he agrees.

If you are planning to stay in the student Hostel, you are chance of getting eligibility for the CAF is more. Ask the Administration for the confirmation.

If you are planning to share a room with your friends, make sure that your roommates are also qualify for the CAF. Because when they do, your chance of qualifying for the CAF will be more.

  • Student should have obtained Valid student visa with OFII

OFII stands for French Office of Immigration and Integration.

When a student comes to France to study on a Student Visa, he should apply for Visa Validation within 90 Days of his arrival and this is taken care of by OFII. If the student doesn’t get his Visa validated then he can’t visit back and forth to France from his native country during his Study. More importantly, Student doesn’t get a residence permit till he gets his Visa Validated.

A Student can’t apply for the CAF, If he doesn’t have the residence permit, . So, student should have Valid student visa with OFII to apply for the CAF

  • Student should open a French Bank Account

Housing Allowance from the CAF is directly credited to your Account. Therefore, a Student should open up a Bank Account in any French Bank. This is not necessary, if the student mentions his Flat Owner’s Bank Account Number during the Application process.


You can Apply for the CAF through online but the details of the Application will be in the French Language. Keep the following Details with you when you are applying for the CAF

  • Housing Rental Contract Details
  • French Bank Account Details
  • Income tax Returns
You can apply for the CAF here
Once it is applied, get the printout of the Application to send it to the local CAF Office.

The Following Documents needs to be sent to the CAF Office 

Register for Online MEA Apostille

Provide applicant details