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What is sworn translation? and How to Get Translation.

Translation for legal service is different from just translating on google translator.

Legal translators are certified from Indian government to legally translate your documents.

Why translation service required?

There are two kinds of translation

  1. Regional language to English
  2. English to foreign language

Regional to English

Most of the old documents are in regional languages such as Hindi,Kannada, Rajasthani Etc..

If you want to make your official work easy throughout India or if you are travelling to foreign country they will not understand regional languages of India. So the documents which are in regional language needs to be translated for use within India or outside India.

English to Foreign language

If you are travelling to a country where English is not an official language then the documents which are in english needs to be translated to countries official language such as French, Spain, Ukrainian Etc.. Translating a document is not as easy as translating on google. Documents have legal consequences a little deviation in the meaning of the translated documents can have a huge impact. So it is always necessary to get translation from certified translators. Many countries will ask for sworn translators.

Go to Translation Process Directly

Go to Translation Process Directly

What is Sworn translation ?

A sworn translator is certified from foreign nation to officially translate documents to their language. For example a english birth certificate issued in India needs to be translated to spanish to be used in Spain. Your document will be translated by a translator who is certified from spain government.

The translated document will have a letterhead of the certified translator and you will receive the notary along with it.

Details of the translator will be provided for further proof.

What all documents are required for Translation?

We only require the scan copy of the document. After translation is done whole thing will be courier to your home address itself

You can register for Translation here upload a scan copy of the document we will start the process of translating your document.

If you have documents in regional language and you need to translate the document to foreign language then there will be 2 steps.

First is to translate the document from regional language to English language and from English to foreign languages

Apply For Translation

Provide applicant details

Blank Form (#3)

Frequently asked questions

When you are travelling abroad although many contries accept English a a official language there are many such countries where the documents should be submitted in local language, there you need to translate your original documents in to local language.

Its a Legal Requirment of the Country where it collects and keeps record of all the documents in local language.

To get translation for the document you need to share your document scan copy to us. we will Check the content and provide you the draft for you to check

once the draft is confirmed we will take a final print out and send the document to the requested address.

You can start the Translation process by registering for translation

Cost of the translation always depends on the amount of content to be translated, lesser the content to translate lesser the fees.
cost also depends on whether the translation you need is 

  1. Sworn Translation
  2. certified translation 

Finally cost depends on the language that needs to be translated form and language it needs to be translated too.

Best way to know the cost is to register for translation and get instant quote.